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Aug 4, 2009 08:13 PM

Good Korean Food in the Worcester Area

Hi I'm completely new to the forums here on Chowhound.. But not new to the site ( I've been perusing the recipes and videos looking for new and intersting ways to spice up dinner for my family). Now I come to you to ask where can I find some really good Korean food in the Worcester Area? I used the search function and came up with some really old posts from like 2 yrs ago but nothing new.. Help please :)

Thanks :)

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  1. Not sure there are any in Worcester,but Westboro has 2 that area a John Daly drive away from each other. Not sure the names or quality.

    1. Worcester has "New York Korean Restaurant" on Cambridge Street ( It's pretty good, a hole-in-the-wall kind of place, their rice bowls are large and tasty!

      Westborough has "Sapporo Korean BBQ & Sushi Restaurant ( This one has a Korean/Japanese lunch buffet that is really good, although I haven't had the chance to order off the menu yet. Not strictly Korean but definitely leaning that way, and having sushi is never a bad thing IMO.

      I've never been to the "Westboro Korean Restaurant" (didn't know it existed) but now that I know about it I'm sure I'll be checking it out!

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        Ty for the suggestions I will be checking them out soon :) My husband loves Korean food