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Aug 4, 2009 08:10 PM

Imperial Baking Margarine

I've learned of Imperial Baking Margarine that's wrapped in 1/2 cup portions. I made a batch of brownies with it the other day and they turned out great - wouldn't have known it wasn't butter if I hadn't made them.

Has anyone used margarine to make buttercream or lemon curd? Those are two recipes I make all the time and takes a lot of unsalted butter. A pound of butter costs at least $4.99 and three cups of Imperial Baking Margarine runs at $6.00.

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  1. Even with the currency conversion, $5 for butter sounds quite high - I just bought a pound on sale for $1.99 US and it's usually a dollar more. A pound = 2 cups so at best you are saving a dollar. I have not heard of the Imperial product - is it available unsalted? Most margarines have salt and need it to keep from tasting like vegetable shortening. With buttercream and lemon curd, butter flavor takes center stage so I'd be skeptical that your result would be as good as with something like brownies.