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Aug 4, 2009 08:07 PM

Steak - Home Cooked or Steakhouse Prepared

There has been quite a bit of chatter about steaks, must be the summer weather. This must be one of the great unanswerable questions of our age, but what is the best method of cooking a steak, and who does it best?

At home on an outdoor grille/barbecue with real charcoal? Or on the stove on a cast iron grill pan, moved to the oven to finish?

Or at a steakhouse. Again, what method? I know there are steakhouses that do have charcoal grills, but not most.

Does the cut of meat affect the way it should be cooked? Other factors?

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  1. At home my preferred method, in order of preference, are as follows:

    1. Outdoor charcoal grill
    2. Indoor using the "Reverse-Searing" method. See here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/635214

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      At home I sear it and finish in the oven, gas grills just do not impart the charred flavor that a good restaurant does with a flame broiler...

    2. At home on a Weber charcoal grill..............
      or at a really good steakhouse

      can't get my kitchen broiler hot enough for perfectly cooked steak.

      I never start on a grill pan and move to the oven, as it would cook the steak too well done for me, I love my steak mooing............

      I don't care for pan-broiled steak, but when it's raining, I do cook the dogs' steak in a heavy pan on top of the stove.

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        I agree with the bagelman. Only on my Weber charcoal grill. I do not like to cook them indoors, b/c I don't think I get it hot enough, without setting off the smoke alarms.

      2. Outdoors over wood coals....Charcoal is an acceptable substitute....

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          Have you ever tried the new Kingsford Competition charcoal? My husband loves it, insists I buy multiple bags at a time, so as not to run out. Luckily, Costco sells it in double bag units, for about $17.

          1. re: Phurstluv

            I'm not a fan of Kingsford Charcoals...When their latest marketing program, i.e. Competition, was released I burned through several bags. It's an improvement over the blue bag stuff, but IMO not by much...There are several charcoals that I like better....Royal Oak Briquettes or Lump is one that is easily found in most areas and the price is right...

            Have Fun!

            1. re: Uncle Bob

              Royal Oak lump is available at just about every wally world across the USA. Switching to lump from briquettes is a good move for many. About $6 for a ten pound bag here.

          2. re: Uncle Bob

            Now THOSE are a thing of beauty!! MMMMM!!

          3. my favorite is cooked at home on the charcoal grill. YUM! :)
            med-rare please, nice crust on the outside.
            lump charcoal, not mass market (kingsford) stuff, with a touch of whatever wood smoke DH feels like adding that night!

            1. Home Cooked or Steakhouse Prepared ? According to WalMart you can have both at the same time : Genuine Steak House™ steaks. WTH?!?!?! If it's cooked at home it's not a genuine steakhouse steak, is it ? Sizzler and Black Angus are steakhouses. Are they that bad? I guess Genuine Solid Gold Steaks™ was rejected as not as appealing a name, food wise.
              It's not clear if they're Choice or Select grade but according to WalMart they're "Premium", but they're not Prime grade ( silly me, I thought Prime grade was premium). But, they're not even the best steaks WalMart has to offer. According to WalMart that would be their Black Angus line.* Based on the commercial for these steaks, WalMart has wisely geared this to the not too bright market, i.e. to families where the man of the house can't remember his own birthday.

              Beef is big business in America and most Americans can't afford Choice grade,let alone Prime, on a regular basis. Plus, even if prices were lower supply couldn't keep up w/ demand, hence the higher prices. So it's no wonder you have grocery stores throwing around copyrighted appealing misleading and basically meaningless names like Ranchers' Reserve, Butcher's Choice and this nonsense fr WalMart in order to dupe the buyer into thinking he's/she's getting a better product than they are. In other words they want you to forget about the true standard measures for quality of beef Select, Choice and Prime.


              Oh, and the correct answer is grilled over lump coals (higher heat sustained long enough for steaks). But seared in a pan with a nice sauce prepped in the sear pan (not bottled) or under the broiler can be mighty satisfying also. The cuts of my choice porterhouse,T-bone, rib-eye (bone in if you can find), NY strip.