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Aug 4, 2009 07:01 PM

Orange and also Pistachio Ice Cream Flavors

Awhile back I used to buy the Quebon brand (do not see it anymore) for the above flavors which I love . Does anyone know of any other brands . It seems that orange is hard to find

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  1. About two months back I bought Coaticook pistachio (2 litres around $5.00). It was very good, they use real milk and real pistachios. Sugar is the third ingredient so it is not super sweet like Breyers or the more commercially popular brands. I have tried several flavours since then whenever I go to a birthday party or dinner and they are always a hit. They are sold at most supermarkets now so you should not have too much difficulty finding it. There was a post on Coaticook not too long ago here on chowhound. Give it a try, I think you'll like it. I don't know if they have orange. I don't recall seeing it but you can check out the website of their dairy at Good luck.

    1. Ben & Jerry's has pistachio ice cream that's pretty good.
      I don't think I've seen orange ice cream - sherbert or sorbet, yes but ice cream no... sorry I can't help there.

      1. I just double checked Coaticook's website and they do have orange ice cream.

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          Thanks everyone appreciate it That is what I luv about this site you get info and give info


          add some extra toasted pistachios on top and you're ready to go!

          1. Had some Ciao Bella pistachio gelato last night that was seriously good (albeit not cheap, it was on sale at $2.99 a pint). I don't know how widely they're distributed, but I got it at a regular supermarket here in Boston, not a Whole Foods or gourmet shop.


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              Wow - thanks for the Ciao Bella link - I have only had their blackberry-cabernet flavor (sorbet) - and wow was it delicious! I didn't realize how vast their flavor selection is. The Shoprite I frequent only carries 3-4 flavors.

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                thanks for the heads up, bob. that ciao bella is available all over northern virginia regular grocery stores, e.g., safeway, harris teeter -- but not giant -- at least in arlington. it's also at whole foods.