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Aug 4, 2009 06:38 PM

Need recs for Campanile on 29th and Periyali on 20th

I am looking for a moderately priced restaurant for a family gathering of about 15 people (all family with one child) with a private room. What do you know about Campanile on 29th and also Periyali. we would like to make sure the food and service are good and the place not too nois7

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  1. Campanile is an excellent restaurant. The traditional Italian-American fare is well-prepared and delicious. The staff couldn't be more welcoming and efficient. The noise level is low, and the overall ambiance is very pleasant. There is a private room.

    I've only been to Periyali once, years ago, and I was not impressed.

    1. We just went to Periyali (Greek). Their signature dish is grilled octopus. We also had grilled quail on spinach that was very good. Service is always excellent. They have our favorite Greek wine Anny's Animus (though it's about $45 less at Pylos). Never found Periyali to be loud and in a private room noise would not be an issue. Periyali is more upscale, not sure it meets your moderate criteria.

      I have never been to Campanile.

      1. I never been to Periyali but I think it is more expensive than Campanile. Periyali is more of a trendy place that may not be here in a couple of years but Campanile is the kind of restaurant that has a more lasting power. The food is excellent there but I hear that it is more slow and that they close now on weekends. The recession has hit more some than others.

        I recommend Campanile without reservation, like RGR did, because the food is excellent and they cater to you very well there.

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          I think you are confusing Periyali with Pylos. The latter has been open for about 5 years and does have a trendy feel, while Periyali, which is more upscale and is anything but trendy, opened in 1987 and, obviously, has staying power.

          You are right about the economy having taken its toll on Campanile. I was surprised when I passed it on a Saturday evening a few months ago to find it closed. (They have always been closed on Sunday.) Alarmed that it might have closed for good, I called on Monday and was relieved when Slavko answered. He assured me they were still open Mon. - Fri., but that he decided to close on Saturday for lack of business. We had actually been there on a Saturday not too long before that, and we were practically the only ones in the dining room. He did say that he would open on the weekend for private parties.

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            RGR...I was talking about Periyali, but I really thought it was a kind of restaurant that is a flash in the pan..I did not know it had been opened for so mistake...sorry:(

            The last time I was in Campanile, I was also one of the only ones there but I went at the beginning of January which is often slow in restaurants and I go back in summertime, which is also slow. I hope for them that they stay open because their food is good. I brought fussy people there and they loved it.

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              cricri7, with all due respect I think you are confusing Pylos (EV) with Periyali. Periyali is in no way trendy. It's more formal, traditional, lighter and upscale. We have been going there for years. We also enjoy Pylos which is newer, smaller, darker and much more lively.