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Aug 4, 2009 06:33 PM

ISO Feedback on Spina

Can anyone comment on this E Village “fresh pasta house” ?

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  1. I had dinner there on Friday and just wanted to say it was FANTASTIC.

    The food was unbelievably fresh and delicious. we split the prosciutto wrapped burrata cheese with arugula and heirloom tomatoes. My friend had the gnocci which was rich yet light with a delicious smoked mozzarella tomato sauce. I had the malloreddus bolognese. the hand made pasta is definitely delicious and worth multiple visits back. we ended dinner with a tiramisu which is just one of the best i've EVER had. it held it's structure on the first bite then instantly melts in your mouth.

    the space is adorable with the exposed brick walls and opened windows. the staff is just AMAZING! i just wished i lived closer!

    1. I used to live on 11th, back when spina was panificio.

      I'm definitely a fan of the change. They replaced the fresh pastry and baked goods display (SADLY) with a pasta nook where they hand-make some real treats. Everything i've had has been good.

      It's also very affordable - the markup is on the wine.

      While you're in alphabet city, I'd also like to recommend Fu Sushi. It's my favorite. You won't find anything better for the price.

      1. For anyone who wants to give Spina a try, this seems like good enough a reason if any.