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Pizza in Norwalk CT [moved from Manhattan]

Does anyone remember the thread about the best pizza in NYC and someone said it's in Norwalk, CT? I need to be there and wanted to try it. I have been searching endlessly and can't find the post.
Any help is so appreciated.......Thanks!

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  1. are you sure it was Norwalk, and not New Haven?

    1. New Haven is knows for its pizza. For info re: which place is best there, I suggest you post on the Tri-State board.

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        thank you for your replies. yes norwalk, he was specific that in his opinion it was better than NH. Have had NH pizza many times so I was intrigued.....frustrated with myself that I didn't write it down........any ideas? I was searching nyc pizza and that was where he wrote that this place was better than all the nyc pizza he's had and it was norwalk...........he even told another poster how to take the train to get there.....I appreciate your help!

      2. OK Norwalk pizza includes:

        - Fat Cat - cracker crust bar pie, really good
        - Strada 18 - pizza is served along with other italian dishes; jfood likes a lot
        - Match - pizza the best part of this snooty place that is going on reputation versus food quality
        - Letizia - very sloppy and most people really enjoy, jfood likes the other three better

        1. There was a report on a Ct , not NY, pizza thread that Gourmet Magazine had annointed Letizia's as better than NH.

          here's the Gourmet piece by the Sterns (of Roadfood.com)

          1. jfood listed the 4 that I'm most familiar with. Of those, I like Fat Cat the best. As he said, it is very thin ("cracker crust") and very delicious. A few other reasons I give them high marks: 1) they give you a very eclectic array (8 kinds if memory serves) of spices (i.e. "Turkish Seasoning") to put on your pizza, 2) if you're in to wine I can guaranty that no pizza joint you've been to has better wines by the glass -- the owners also own the excellent wine shop Fountainhead in Norwalk, 3) their salads are killer -- all organic greens with grilled vegetables, nuts, cheese, prosciutto. 4) they have a cheese selection provided by Darien Cheese one of the best fromageries in the state.

            Leitizia's would be my second choice -- the pizza is very different than Fat Cat -- jfood accurately describes it as "sloppy". It is very casual (you can bring your own wine) and the toppings are standard (vs. some of the more unusual Fat Cat toppings). My biggest complaint is that sometimes they undercook their pies (on busy Saturday nights for example) and then "Sloppy" becomes "Mushy". However, when cooked the right amount of time, these are very delicous (and very filling) pies...

            Strada 18 is over priced imo. Match is good, but they're kind of full of themselves.....

            As for whether any of these are better than Sally's or Pepe's in New Haven, they are not in the same league, in my opinion....

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              John's Best Pizza on Rte. 123 in Broad River makes very, very good pizza. Thin-crust, great sauce, just the right amount of cheese.

              Also give Bru's a shot in East Norwalk...very tasty pies, paper thin crust (similar to Colony & Vinnie's in Stamford).

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                I so agree about JB! Forget their other locations though.

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                  John's Best in Mt. Kisco was one of the worst pizzas I ever ate. Is Norwalk different? What is it like?

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                    Never been to the Mt. Kisco location, but as I previously wrote, the Norwalk John's Best make a really good pie. My favorite is the Little John...personal size. The crust is very thin, nicely charred. Great salads too (antipasti, scungilli).

                    Have not noticed a change in quality for the 20+ years I've been going there.

            2. the best pizza in Norwalk is 10 minutes away in Fairfield (Pepes) or Stamford (Colony Grill)!!!

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                I agree that the route 123 John's Best is better than the Westport one. That said, it's not going to be winning any pizza-making competitions anytime soon.

                I for one am REALLY sick of Pepe's.....They are obviously expanding their business dramatically, locations-wise and the good stickmen are being spread thin.

                Pepe also has an unexplainable propensity for either undercooking, or alternately burning the bejabbers out of their pizzas. There's rarely a happy medium. Even the girls on the phone will hesitate to designate a pie "well-done" or "crispy", knowing the firey devastation that is bound to follow.

                I'm just glad everyone came to their senses and now there's almost never a line at the door. Having to wait for pizza is a real bummer.

                Did any of you try Mancini's in Stamford yet?

              2. Fat Cat is good, but there are 2 things you should note. First, don't eat till your full cuz you'll feel like you just had thanksgiving 30 minutes later. The dough EXPANDS in your stomach. Second, you have to eat it hot. Once it cools just throw it out. Don't wrap it to go, don't get take out.

                Salads and cheese/meat plates are good. Wine list had something for everyone.

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                  Joe's Pizza in Westport on the Post Road is a new favorite of mine and my family. We are all pizza snobs from having eaten Bronx Pizza most of our lives. We have been in CT many years now and never found a pizza that was good enough. This place is as authentic as you can get. Sicilain too and the calzones are delicious too. For Greek pizza we love Jordan's Salad Pizza. Sooo good.

                  John's Best is right around the corner from me. Their pizza is good but not good enough. They are closed now for 'renovations'.

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                    I personally hate Joe's Pizza in Westport. Julian's is much better (and so are several other places). Joe's pizza sits under a heating lamp like at Planet Pizza.

                    I'd rather take Jordan's in Norwalk over Joe's in Westport (but just my opinion!)

                    Joe's Pizza
                    61 State Rd, Dartmouth, MA 02747

                2. I love Jordan's for Greek style, but after having recently moved to Norwalk I'm looking for recommendations on the best "NY style" pizza... thin crust (but not bar pie thin/crispy), tasty sauce & cheese. From what I've read in this thread, it sounds like John's Best may be the closest, but I'll take any recommendations!

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                    continue north on 123 into new canaan and go to Joe's Pizza

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                      Try Lou's Pizza on 123 in Norwalk, part of the Letizia family. John's Best on 123 is closed for renovations.

                    2. Has anyone been to Rowayton Pizza (Norwalk) lately? It was pretty good back in the last century.

                      Rowayton Pizza
                      104 Rowayton Ave Ste 1, Norwalk, CT 06853

                      1. Have been to most of the spots mentioned above. I have to say, my new favorite after lunch today, is Molto Pizzeria in Fairfield. Not a New York crust, but not a dry bar/cracker crust like Fat Cat. It was crispy but had some tooth, I could swear there was a touch of butter in it, golden crunchy yet flakey. This is not a "traditional" style crust I've had anywhere else, but nevertheless excellent. I had the Burrata mozz pie w/ olives - heaven. Some nearby diners had "salad" pies (one the California)-which looked scrumptious. The bar is comfortable, the wine list extensive, service pleasant. I will definitely return. Lunch was busy but not overcrowded, bar empty, but I hear it gets VERY crowded at night.

                        1. I love Letitzia (used to live in Norwalk) & I now live near New Haven and still think Letitzia's is great pizza. Just know that it has minimal atmosphere if you're looking for a proper sit down meal.

                          IMHO Fat Cat's pies are good but more of something to eat along with their wine. (which is v.good)

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                            Gotta agree on Letizias. Been there twice now & it's very, very good. Among the best crust I've ever had. Not 100% typical "NY style" IMHO given the unique flavors of the sauce & cheese, but still excellent. The meatballs are great too either on a pie or hero.

                            666 Main Ave, Norwalk, CT 06851

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                              Coincidentally jfood ate a Letizia's theother day, half pepperoni and half sausage/peppers. He really likes the pizza with one extremely major caveat. It is extremely messy. There are a lot of ingredients on a crust that is soft versus crunchy to hold. This is more a head's up versus a negative.