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Aug 4, 2009 06:23 PM

beer festival

Is anyone going this year?
Kinda shocked at the price of the ticket.
Is anyone else feeling that way?

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    1. I'm a borderline alcoholic so something like this sounds great for me and my pals :D

      Ticket price isn't that big of a deal but what does the ticket actually get you? Any pints, or what?


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      1. re: duckdown

        I think you'd probably end up being disappointed; might as well spend the extra cash at the LCBO or Beer Store and have your own beer festival.

        1. re: tjr

          Ah, ya.. Probably right.. Who can afford to really just blow cash these days anyway

          I'll do that instead :)


      2. There is a $50 dollar ticket, and then a $100 dollar ticket that gets you into the after party.

        I've been the last couple of years, but I'll give it a pass this year. The independent 'micro' brews haven't been well represented (because it costs them to much for a booth, and everything else associated with a big show), and because I get a little bit irked that I'm paying to have someone advertise at me...


        1. I've pretty much given up on the Beer Festival and prefer going to Volo's Cask Days and C'est What's Spring and Fall Festivals.

          For those that are going to the Beer Festival I suggest you stop by Great Lakes booth. They will have a rotating selection of one-off cask beers each day.

          I'm tempted to go because of that but because I've attended other better beer festivals like Montreal's Mondial and read about numerous American craft beer festivals, our Toronto festival sucks. I lay no blame with the craft brewers but with the organizers and the ridiculous rules that patrons and brewers must follow (many most likely dictated by the LCBO and AGCO.)

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          1. re: lister

            I wasn't laying anything on the craft brewers, my beef is mostly with the organiser...


            1. re: lister

              I would go just to try the Double IPA, but I won't be in Toronto then. I'm hoping this becomes a regular beer for them and not just a one-off special.

            2. I guess part of the reason for the price hike is that there are a few bands playing this year. I won't be going but, the fun part for me is the festival atmosphere, and watching all the crazy people.

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              1. re: haggisdragon

                Yes..great lakes brewery is awesome!! If (and if) I go, I will make sure I visit their booth.
                I wrote an email to the organizer last nite asking "what was the price last year". There was an email in my inbox this morning, explaining the reasons for the price increase.
                However .no answer to my question.
                So..I will ask chowhounders.
                What exactly was the price of a ticket last year?

                1. re: domesticgodess

                  Through some googling I found out that the 2008 Price on Thursday evening was $40 and that the price on the Friday, Sat, and Sunday were cheaper (but didn't find the actual price.. they just said it was cheaper).

                  Back in 2007 the prices were $22 for Friday and Sunday and around $28 for Saturday.

                  These results all came up from threads at Redflagdeals