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Aug 4, 2009 06:20 PM

Last 25 days in Richmond, VA

Hi 'hounds! I am moving out of Richmond, VA and would like to ask if you have any favorite dishes (at your favorite restaurants) that I should try before leaving. I am moving to NYC so I guess you can say that I am pretty much covered on Asian foods (although I must say that I have not found a better pho place in NY better than Pho So 1). I have lived here for three years and have loved Edo's, Mama Zu's, Comfort, Six Burner and Comfort.

Any recs would be greatly appreciated! I have 25 more days! Thank you very much, Richmond!

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  1. Sensi....the veal chop, pasta bolognese, carbonara and the salmon if seafood is your thing. The Black Sheep for breakfas, lunch or dinner. The menu is tweaked often but my favorites are the biscuits and gravy for breakfast and the chicken and dumplings, fish tacos or pork for dinner. Millie's Diner.....brunch...must get the Devil's Mess, dinner changes often enough but I would do one dinner there before heading out. The cheeseburger and frites from CanCan. The schnitzel at Cafe Rustica. The Tres Leche cake from Kuba Kuba. The pork chop at the new Lemaire as well as the fried green tomato appetizer. And then one last meal at Edo's of veal marsala.

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    1. re: Janet from Richmond

      Sounds great! I've actually never been to the Black Sheep nor have I had biscuits and gravy for breakfast so that really is a great idea, thanks! I do get the Devil's Mess at Millie's and might need to again before I leave!

    2. If you haven't done dinner in one of the restaurants in Williamsburg, you might want to. For the ambiance as well as the historic foods. They reacquained me with watermelon rind pickel among other dishes that my Grandmother did well (and my Mother not so well).

      In the other direction, Lunch at Michie Tavern just outside of Monticello. My husband loves their fried chicken as do I, I also love their tomato thing as well as their small beets. Take a back road for a slow drive and try to catch some of hte landscape that's holding urban sprawl at bay, for a few more years.

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      1. re: shallots

        Hmm, that's a thought! Thank you!

      2. I'd suggest the combination plate at Nile Ethiopian (although I'm sure NY has great Ethiopian food), as Janet said, the Tres Leches cake from Kuba Kuba along with some California Huevos and Tostones and the eggplant parm pizza from Arianna's (to DIE for). Also, the whiskey bread pudding from the White Dog. Southern-style dessert at its finest!

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        1. re: princsoreo

          I've always wanted to try their whiskey bread but I'm always so full after eating my meals at the White Dog! Thanks for the recs!

        2. Steak at The Tobacco Company. Pizza at Bottoms Up. If your liver can take it, get a room at the Hospitality House in Williamsburg and try to walk the bar at The Greene Leafe across the street. You have to drink a pint of every bar on draft (around 40?). Take all day and get the Monte Cristo. Go to Paul's the next day for a hot Holly and loaded cheese fries for your hangover, then get bread ends and house dressing at the Cheese Shop in Colonial Williamsburg on the way out.

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          1. re: swetsb

            I've checked Bottoms Up the other day, thanks!

          2. Go to Cafe Ole on a Monday and get the potato burrito. It's the only day they offer it. The best meal in Richmond for like $5. And their flour chips are also do die for. Anyone who lives in or has lived in Richmond should have had a potato burrito at least once or they were not real Richmonders.

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              I'm trying this on Monday. Report to follow. :)