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Aug 4, 2009 05:46 PM

Perilla, Barbuto, Il Corso, Red Cat or Scarpetta?

I'm looking for a mid-priced restaurant with great food in a vibrant, trendy atmosphere. The kind of place that you could stay on at after your meal to have a few fun cocktails or glasses of wine.

Which of these restaurants would you recommend? Perilla, Barbuto, Il Corso, Red Cat or Scarpetta?


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  1. I found Red Cat & Perilla very similar - new american cuisine. Between the two though I thought Perilla was better. Of the rest, I've only been to Scarpetta and that BY FAR is on the top of my list

    1. I've been to Perilla and Red Cat. Both good, but the food is better at Perilla. Its a hard place for conversation, though - really loud when its busy.

      1. Big fan of both Perilla and Scarpetta--based on your desire to stick around afterwards, though, I think Scarpetta is a much better bet--the bar area at Perilla is tiny.