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Aug 4, 2009 05:44 PM

anyone remember Ritter Ketchup?

Wish they still made it. A little spicy, remember it from my childhood and can still taste it!

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  1. Remember it well, Fishinc. You must be in the Philly area as that's where it was made and distributed. The Ritter estate is along Church Road in Elkins Park - a big brick place. I think it is now a Reconstructionist rabbinical college.

    My dad knew all of the local area food producers as our family was of that genre (we were jams and jellies). In my dimmest of early childhood memories, I think I was at the Ritter house once. If not, it was at the home of the owners of Mrs. Schlorer's mayonnaise. If you remember Ritter's ketchup, you have to remember Mrs. Schlorer's.


    1. I remember Ritter Ketchup well. It was the only one my family and myself would eat. I thought it was made in Camden, NJ, but it was a small company in Bridgeton, NJ which closed in 1976.
      Wish they still made it too.

      1. The only ketchup that exists is Heinz. There never has been and never will be another. Everything else is garbage. When I go somewhere and plan to use ketchup it is always a supreme disappointment if it isn't Heinz. One of the worst developments in current culinary trends is the restaurants and gastropubs with their "house made ketchup." Give me Heinz because nothing else is ketchup.

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          We were talking about Ritter Ketchup. It was the best. It was a local entity I think. Heinz is good but we were remembering Ritter. Get it.

        2. Never heard of it myself, but you got me curious. Found an old ad for Ritter Tabasco Ketchup (1945):

          A taste of tomorrow indeed. Somewhere out there in the ether, Mr. Ritter is laughing at the Sriracha boom. :)

          1. I do remember it. The last I saw it was when I was a kid in the early 70's and it was at "Phillies" in Mayfair, Phila. The Ritters were a non-blood relation via my link through the Keller's, I think. (early 1900s). They also canned beans too.