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Aug 4, 2009 05:14 PM

Best whole roast or BBQ chicken in the Village?

I absolutely love Costco's prepared chicken. The white meat is moist, the seasonings are yummy, and the chickens are so large I always have leftovers. Unfortunately, I will not be able to get to Costco, but I need whole, roasted or BBQ chickens.
I live in the W. Village, and, in the good ole days, would have gotten chickens at Jefferson Market, but it is just not the same anymore.
So, where should I go? Whole Foods? Garden of Eden? Gourmet Garage? Somewhere else?

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  1. Whole Foods is pretty good. William's on the Upper West Side used to be my absolute fave, and their potato salad was sublime. Whole Foods chickens are large, always hot and come in a couple of different configurations: herbed, plain, lemon-rub, etc.

    1. This is in the East Village but Big Arc is known for their grilled chicken:

      Also a friend of mine swears by a newer competitor, Senor Pollo:

      1. Citarella on 6th&9th is consistently good.

        1. It's a little further than you stipulate, but Bouley Market (120 W Broadway) has the most delicious roast chicken. My wife and I love it so much that we get it twice a week. It's on the pricey side ($14.03 including tax), but the taste and quality is superb.

          1. I used to live close to Garden of Eden on West 23rd, they make a pretty good chicken, as does Whole Foods. Definitely avoid Gourmet Garage, I have found them greasy, sometimes undercooked, the others are better choices. And tried Dirty Bird To Go a couple of times but thought it was inferior to Whole Foods and Garden of Eden.