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Aug 4, 2009 03:58 PM

Where can I pick wild blueberries (not on a farm, really wild!) near New Hampshire/Vermont border?

Hi! I am driving to Putney, VT with my family this weekend (Aug 8-9) to enjoy two days in the country (now in Boston). We all want to cook up a storm with blueberries now in season and would love to pick them while also hiking a trail or climbing a mountain, like I used to do as a kid when I went to camp in Plymouth, VT. (I know there are plenty of blueberry farms, but I would prefer to pick and walk in the wild.)

If you have any ideas for trails/parks etc where blueberry/raspberry/blackberry/thimbleberry picking is possible, please let me know. Many thanks!

BTW, if anyone is interested in this topic, I have found a cool festival: the Deerfield Valley Blueberry Festival which goes until Aug 10, which I hope to check out in Wilmington, VT. More info here:

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  1. If your near Goshen and Ripton, head for the Hogback Mountain trails. The south end of Hogback Mountain is loaded with wild blueberry bushes

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      Fantastic, thanks for the tip. I did some googling and found this Hogback hike: http://yhst-79237104446391.stores.yah... which starts and ends at a B&B. Unfortunately it's a bit far from our destination in Putney, VT. This place would be an additional 2 hour drive. I don't think we'll go there on this trip but I'll keep it in mind for the future. Thanks!

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        That's the place and sorry it's not close to where you will be. If you like to mountain bike, the trails are excellent for it.

    2. If you want to pick wild blueberries you will need lots of time and patience because they are at ground level and very small. They are usually harvested with a blueberry rake which is like a dust pan with long skinny teeth.

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        Yeah, I remember picking them for hours as a kid. It's definitely not about gathering quantity, more about getting stained blue hands, eating a few juicy ones on the spot, and taking home a couple handfuls worth for a batch of pancakes. One of our neighbors here in Cambridge has a few blueberry bushes of a different genus/type than the wild ones I've seen--it's much taller and more upright and the berries are pretty high off the ground--much easier for picking!

      2. Great post. If anyone knows of such trails in CT I'd love to hear about it, too.

        1. Try Black Mountain in Brattleboro. I know there is a spot near the top that has them, but I have not checked on them this year. You can also try Mt Wantastequit in Hinsdale,NH.