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Favorite Eats on Maui

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Will be staying on Maui in Sept and are looking for dining options. We have enjoyed Roy's and Hula Grill-a long time ago. What are your favorites and do you have any places we should avoid. It will just be the 2 of us. thanks.

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  1. The Spago at the Four Seasons is excellent.

    1. Our favorite is the Lahaina Grill. Spago is ok on the food but has a great view. Not my favorite but we always seem to end up there at least one night with guests.

      1. Two of my absolute favorites are Mama's Fish House and Hali'imaile General Store. Also worth checking out are Ferraro's at the Four Seasons in Wailea and the Waterfront in the harbor. Just this week, Bev Gannon, the chef behind Hali'imaile General Store took over the Seawatch, the restaurant on the Gold Course in Wailea. Looks like from the online menu that some items have been kept from before, but there are also a lot of new dishes. We've always liked it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. One note of caution, they have lots of weddings and events here, so if there happens to be something going on during dinner it can be distracting and noisy. If you like shrimp, you should try Buzz's Wharf in the harbor, the sweet Tahitian prawns are yummy. Also, David Paul's Island Grill recently opened in Lahaina and a friend who went a few weeks ago raved about it. The Tommy Bahama restaurant at the Shops at Wailea has very solid food, the crab bisque is especially tasty.

        1. Spago for a tasting menu for dinner. The Gazebo for breakfast. A solid meal at Kimo's.

            1. Aloha giada..
              Love Gazebo for breakfast in Napili...they are known for the macadamia pancakes..the line goes quickly..its oceanfront and have bodysurfed while waiting for my breakfast.. ; )
              Plantation House at Kapalua for breakfast is excellent for the ahi benedict with wasabi hollandaise..cheap too..$13 and no wait usually and the views are stunning..its also great after 18 holes for drinks and sandwiches too.
              Sansei for sushi..great happy hour, Hula Grill or Kimo's for a good dinner.
              Really enjoy Bev Gannons place at the General Store and dining at Mama's Fish House is excellent and prefer it for lunch so you can get the ocean views while dining..expensive.
              Ahi Poke at Safeway is pretty darn good.
              We'll be there in September too but mostly hanging in Kauai..
              Have a great time!

              1. We had a fantatic dinner at Joe's in Wailea (Bev Gannon resto). Boy it was quiet but the food and service were amazing.

                1. Da Kitchen and Tasty Crust

                  1. two best places we ate last year were the Haailmale General Store and the Lahaina Grill. Looking forward to trying them again in October.

                    1. To be honest, the Chowhounders do a pretty good job of not mentioning places that are just BAD. While everyone has their preferences, I think on the whole you can almost always count on the fact that it's going to at least be decent. When you talk about Maui where you're staying is as big a part of the equation as choosing the restaurant. A long drive (especially if you enjoy wine) gives you pause for thought; who wants a DUI on vacation? If you're up by Lahaina and trekking all the way over to Mama's Fish House it BETTER be good!

                      Sounding like a broken record...

                      Fine Dining - Mama's Fish House, Hali'maile General Store

                      Mid Range - Sansai (Kihei), A Saigon Cafe (cheaper than Sansei and tricky to find)

                      Cheap - Flatbread Company, Milagros, Honokowai Okazuya & Deli, Maui Tacos (I thought was just okay)

                      More in depth reviews here: http://dineomite.blogspot.com/search/...

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                        Staying at the Ritz Kapalua. Out of the way. Since we are $$$$ for our accomodations affordable food options will be very attractive.

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                          When we stayed at the Ritz Kapalua we ate our breakfasts from the little store that sits in front of the property (I don't know the name of it, but I'm sure someone here knows). I think we spent maybe $15 each morning we went. It's a great way to conserve cash for pricier dinners.

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                            In the Napili point area is a strip mall with a small grocery store - good coffee place( suprisingly hard to find in Hawaii) and a small place called mamas ribs ( I think) very good bbq sandwiches - chicken - good lunch or take out dinner. Busy at lunch with locals - easier to get in in evenings - I picked up menu and called on way back from beach and took back to condo and then was very addicted to bbq pork sandwiches. Had a snack several times - Sansei is rt there...not at all cheap. But at least worth the cash.

                        2. We visited Maui 10/07 and enjoyed numerous casual meals at Plantation House (prefered breakfast/lunch or drinks and snacks at the bar versus dinner), numerous meals at Mala's Ocean Tavern in Lahaina and drinks & apps on the beach at Hula Grill. We also ate at Pacific O numerous times, b/c it was next door to our condo in Lahaina. Food was okay, but we really went there for the convenience and view. We LOVED our lunch at Mama's Fish House.

                          Perhaps we hit these places on an off day, but we weren't blown away by the famous banana macademia pancakes at the Gazebo, our takeout from Honokowa Okazuya, the plate dinners at Alohoa Mixed Plate, Pa'ia Fish Market, Roy's in Kahana or our dinner at David Paul's Lahaina Grill. We enjoyed our lunch and dinner at a roof-top restaurant in downtown Lahaina (can't recall the name), but I think it closed last year.

                          One place that I haven't seen mentioned on Chowhound is Java Jazz/Soup Nutz, which is not too far from you hotel. We never had an actual meal there, but stopped in for lattes numerous times on our way to/from various outings. We had a blast listening to great music while sitting at the counter shooting the breeze with the charming owner who used to own a home in Carmel (we live in the Bay Area). If you're a fan of poke, I've heard the take-out poke is good at Star Market which is very close to Java Jazz and Honokowa Okazuya.

                          We're headed to Maui again for 9 days in early November. This time, we're staying at the Westin Resort Villas in Ka'anapali. We plan to start and end our trip with visits to Mama's Fish House. Also on our list are meals at Mala's Ocean Tavern, Spago (if we can get seated on their outdoor terrace around sunset), at least one meal at Hali'imaile General Store (we're staying in Hula, just so we can eat there and be closer to the crater which we missed last time due to the distance from Lahaina), Sansei Sushi in Kapalua, Java Jazz/Soup Nutz and brunch at Planation House. We'll also probably hit the Four Seasons for lunch during our day trip to Lanai.

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                            This is our first trip to Maui (end of September). We'll be staying in the Wailea area. Any suggestions for down that way? Thanks.

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                              Spago, Nicks Fish House, Ruth's Chris, Tommy Bahamas, Sansei, Roy's,
                              Bev Ganon's "Joe's",
                              Lahaina is a short drive. Do not miss the Lahaina grill.

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                                Sorry, but Wailea is one area that we didn't see much of during our 2007 visit (just did a quick drive-by). We're planning to plan a day trip to spend an entire day down there during our 2009 trip. However, Kihei isn't far from Wailea if you want to do a search on this board for Kihei suggestions (as well as Wailea) suggestions.

                                Don't miss Mama's Fish House near OGG airport, especially if this is your first trip to Maui, and definitely budget at least 2-3 hours for your meal there. It won't necessarily take you that long to eat your meal, but if you're going to spend that much for a meal, you should enjoy the beautiful surroundings and sit on the beach for a while.

                                We plan to time our two meals at Mama's so we can be sure to get a nice table with a view of the water. Although the food is good, it's the service, ambiance and atmosphere that totally makes the place. It's the one place we visited in Maui (and we ate out almost every meal during our 10-day visit) where I felt, "Ahhhh, I get why people love Maui so much. I finally feel like I'm on vacation!" This happened around day 5 of our vacation, which is why my husband strongly suggested that we start and end our 2009 Maui vacation with visits to Mama's.