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Aug 4, 2009 03:44 PM

Does Tony Packo's really do a hot dog? [Toledo]

After years of waiting, my BH and I, with two friends, went to Toledo to eat Tony Packo's hot dogs and take in a Mud Hens game. Packo's At The Park is just steps from Fifth Third Park, so that's where we had our pre-game meal.

Packo's space there is really vibrant. Very nicely appointed dining rooms. And truly bustling!

But to me, Packo's "hot dog" is a full fraud. It's NOT a hot dog. It's a bun length, half of a "Hungarian Sausage". Were we surprised!

I was expecting a unique Toledo tube steak, and got a fried meat sliver just this side of bologna.

And truly expensive.

Am I missing something here?

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  1. I'm not sure what you mean by "half of a Hungarian Sausage". TP uses Hungarian hot dogs. Very different from a Michigan dog but still great in their own way. I've only been to the original location and it was not expensive. All ball parks seem to be able the drain your wallet fairly fast.
    I wouldn't trade you a good coney dog for one no matter what Klinger says.

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    1. re: Fritter

      Hi, Fritter. My Number 2 Combo consisted of split sausage length-wise (one per bun). Didn't look like a hot dog. Didn't taste Hungarian.

      1. re: RedTop

        I don't recall ever having the meat split. They were served "whole tube" in the past IIR.
        I believe they even show them whole on their web site.
        I can't say they didn't taste Hungarian but their not my favorite. I wonder if it was just that location or if this is some new way of keeping costs down.
        I never really saw the attraction since we have have the BEST dogs right here in Mi!.

        1. re: Fritter

          As a native Toledoan, I can tell you that the food was never really the attraction at Tony Packo's--rather, it's the fun, noisy tavern atmosphere at the original location, with the hot dog buns on the walls signed by Bill Clinton and everybody else. FWIW, I never remember them being split and wonder if you got a bad one.

          True Hungarian food isn't common in these parts. There's another place in Toledo called the Budapest where I never went (but it's been there since the 1930s, so they must be doing something right), one Downriver in the Detroit area, and one in Windsor that I tried and didn't really like. Best Hungarian food I've had is at Le Dog in Ann Arbor--the owner is as Hungarian as they come. He periodically features Gulyas (Hungarian goulash) or chicken paprikash.

          1. re: Jim M

            The Budapest is gloriously legit - it should be a must for anyone who wants authentic Hungarian food.

    2. Go there for the fried pickles and you'll have a nicer experience. We had 2 orders and could have had more if we'd foregone some other food. Best fried pickles I've had in a long time.

      1. I just visited one of the Maumee locations 2 weekends ago. I actually found it very affordable. A dog with chili, cheese and onions is $3.16. Mine was half a sausage cut length wise but they had offerings that were whole too. The sausage was better quality then most gray matter 0 beef hot dogs served at some places. The chili cheese fries were like 6 bucks though. But, my wife, son and I ate for 18 bucks before tip. I thought is was decent for the price personally.


        1. I'm surprised you native Toledoans aren't that keen on TP's.

          I drive through Toledo a number of times a year and over the years we've stopped a few times and always thoroughly enjoyed it. Not too expensive and while I can understand people's confusion over whether it is a hot dog or a sausage, the fact is, it's good.

          I'm not sure where I read it but they say a half of their sausage is about the same weight of a more traditional style dog. Which they now have on their menu.

          I did a blog entry on our last stop if you're intested.


          1. We love Tony Packo's and stop in whenever the opportunity arises. I know what you mean about the half hot dog thing. I was kind of put off by it also, but thought it was very good and have found their pricing on food to be very affordable. I have also gotten a hot dog there previously that was a full hot dog, so I just had to call and ask. I was told that the Tony Packo's hot dog is one half of a hot dog and to get a full dog you need to get a Double Dog.