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Aug 4, 2009 03:32 PM

What to do with dehydrated potatoes?

I have some dehydrated potatoes on my hands (slices and shreds), and though I LOOOOOOOOOVE taters, I am at a loss as to what to do with them. I tried my hand at making hash browns out of the shreds (which I couldn't get to stay in a patty, or anything even nearly resembling any sort of coherent mass), and will be tossing some into some goulash tomorrow night (suggestions? pre-soak or just let them soak up the liquid in the dish?).

What would you do if you ran into a stash of dehydrated potatoes?

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  1. If I happened to have slices of dehydrated potatoes on hand, I'd start thinking that I'd finally found a good excuse to make one of my favourite guilty dishes - scalloped potatoes.
    potatoes + half and half with flour and seasonings + sprinkling of cheese = heaven

    Re shreds staying in one mass, did you toss some extra starch in the mix? I would imagine that the potato shreds have loss quite a bit of the starch that allows them to hold together like fresh potatoes.

    Re the goulash, I'd presoak. Most goulash I've seen tend to not have so much liquid that it's going to handle a bunch of dried starch pieces soaking it up. The other option is to add extra liquid into the goulash and let the potato soak up yummy, flavourful liquid.

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      Love scalloped potatoes.

      My first impression wash to make mashed.

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        I'll second the scallop/au gratin route. In addition to the usual recipes, how about using some tomato soup with the cream in which you cook the potato? If you soaked the shreds a bit, you could mix with egg, onion, and flour/matzoh meal for latkes. Or add some meat and other savory ingredients and go the croquette route. ( If I wanted to make mashed potatoes from dried potato, I'd buy the instant stuff.)

        I would definitely cook them gently into something with extra liquid for them to absorb, like soup or stew. I would try hash browns this way: render chopped bacon and add chopped onion till golden, then add water and the dried potato, cooking them until the water is absorbed and then upping the heat to brown the potato, onion, and bacon.

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          Dehydrated potato pieces usually have instructions to pre-soak before using, either in warm water for about a half hour, or overnight at room temp.

        2. the best use might be to spin them into crumbs and use them as breading for fried fish--an old lakeside ploy. they can't possibly be as good as inexpensive fresh potatoes in any dish that calls for spuds.

          1. Blitz them in the food processor, rehydrate them and use in potato bread. I love the silky quality potatoes give to bread dough. The bread also keeps fresher longer.