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Van Nuys dinner tonight - me, myself and I (please help)

I have a meeting in Van Nuys tonight (coming from Pasadena) at 7. Near Victory and Van Nuys. Where should I go to dinner by myself beforehand? Any types of cuisine welcome. TIA!!

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  1. Puro Sabor & El Criollo top my list of places in that immediate vicinity. Both are outstanding, the fomer being Peruvian and the latter Cuban.

    Or, if you feel like Lebanese, Skaf's is back towards the 170 on the corner of Oxnard & Laurel.

    Or BBQ, try KC BBQ on Magnolia East of Lankershim (in a strip mall across from Ralph's.

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    1. Just North of Victory on Van Nuys is El Criollo. Great Cuban food (better than Versailles imho). Don't know what kind of meeting it is but they've started a 4-7pm happyhour...

        1. Puro Sabor fer sher, dude. Or, on the very off chance that you are not in the mood for Puro Sabor's deliciousness (and frankly, I can't imagine why that would be), there are several good Thai restaurants on Victory west of Coldwater Cyn.

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              Do I mean Sherman Way? YES I mean Sherman Way. What idiot would have said Victory??

          1. Oliva for good Italian. On Van Nuys Bl. just north of Ventura Bl.

            I love their lasagna, and they always seem to have some great seafood daily specials.


            1. Since you're solo, you'll probably want to go to a place where you can order an entire meal (and not just one dish). Pho So 1 on Sepulveda is good for that sort of thing, or you can get several small plates at Bua Siam on Sherman.

              Though with the chorus of recs for Puro Sabor, that may have to be the next place I try when I'm in the area.

                1. Hello! Thank you for all the wonderful recs. I ended up at Puro Sabor which was very good! I ordered an iced tea and the fried plantains (these were awesome!). I wanted a bowl of the Chicken and Cilantro soup, but they were out. So I asked the waiter (maybe the owner's husband, who seemed none too pleased about being there) for his rec between the Ceviche Pescado or the Lomo Saltado. He said the Saltado and I went with his rec. I asked for the fries well done, they did not come out that way. The food was fabulous, but his demeanor could have used a lot of help. It kind of put a damper on my whole meal. When I walked in, there was one other table sat and it had two men sitting at it who left within the first 10 minutes I was there. No one else came in until a couple waltzed in about 15 minutes before I left. He was not busy at all but he never came to ask how my meal was or if I wanted anything. I had to flag him down to bring me a refill of iced tea as well as to get a to-go box. I asked him for my check but apparently he decided to ignore me and go sit down so I just got up and went to the counter. Needless to say, he did not get a good tip from my usually overly-generous tipping hand. Either way, the food was delicious and I will most likely go again keeping in mind the type of service I will get.
                  Thank you again for all the recs. I will have to try out the other places soon.
                  On a side note - on Friar just west of Van Nuys there is a taco truck that parks on the north side of the street (I think there is another that parks on the other side of the street although he was not there last night when I drove by). They have awesome chorizo tacos. Try 'em if you are in the hood.
                  One more question - what is the word on Happy Dogs? Every time I drive by they are closed, but were open yesterday. Is their chili any good?
                  Thanks again!!

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                    Every time I've been to Puro Sabor the server has been a very accommodating and charming young woman, who I believe is the owner/chef's daughter. A shame your visit was marred by the service, Swede, because the food is so dang good. I suggest that on your next visit you try the mixed ceviche, which somebody at my table is required to order every time I go because even if I don't order it myself I must have some. Also try the dish of potatoes with a rich, cheesy sauce (can't remember the name), and the dessert of fresh, hot donut-like items in syrup (again, can't remember the name). But that ceviche! That ceviche!!

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                      Potatoes and cheese are "papas a la huancaina". The doughnuts are "picarones". And you have GOT to have the causa rellena (stuffed potato that is OUT OF THIS WORLD) next time.

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                        As always, D.U. comes through. And if D.U. says I have to order the causa rellena, well then by golly I will go so far as to skip the ceviche (!) and order the causa rellena. THAT's how much I trust D.U.

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                          Hm... be a pig and get ceviche AND causa rellena. Because they're both that good.

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                            I will follow your command, O Master, and eat until I burst.