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Aug 4, 2009 03:06 PM

Van Nuys dinner tonight - me, myself and I (please help)

I have a meeting in Van Nuys tonight (coming from Pasadena) at 7. Near Victory and Van Nuys. Where should I go to dinner by myself beforehand? Any types of cuisine welcome. TIA!!

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  1. Puro Sabor & El Criollo top my list of places in that immediate vicinity. Both are outstanding, the fomer being Peruvian and the latter Cuban.

    Or, if you feel like Lebanese, Skaf's is back towards the 170 on the corner of Oxnard & Laurel.

    Or BBQ, try KC BBQ on Magnolia East of Lankershim (in a strip mall across from Ralph's.

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    1. Just North of Victory on Van Nuys is El Criollo. Great Cuban food (better than Versailles imho). Don't know what kind of meeting it is but they've started a 4-7pm happyhour...

        1. Puro Sabor fer sher, dude. Or, on the very off chance that you are not in the mood for Puro Sabor's deliciousness (and frankly, I can't imagine why that would be), there are several good Thai restaurants on Victory west of Coldwater Cyn.

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              Do I mean Sherman Way? YES I mean Sherman Way. What idiot would have said Victory??

          1. Oliva for good Italian. On Van Nuys Bl. just north of Ventura Bl.

            I love their lasagna, and they always seem to have some great seafood daily specials.