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Aug 4, 2009 02:50 PM

Diners Drive Ins Drives visited Cleveland - Where did they film?


My 12 year old son and I are big fans of this show and are planning a road trip to the R'nR Hall of Fame later this month in Cleveland.

I just read the Food Network DDD show recently filmed in Cleveland and visited 7 places:

It mentions Luckys, Momocho, Geraci's

Any Cleveland chowhounds know any of the other 4 places he visited??


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  1. Melt Bar and Grilled. I'd say a 12 YO boy would like this one best! Of the above places it seems to fit in most with the typical character of the show.
    It is very tasty for sure. I would avoid at peak hours if possible b/c the waits are huge. Enjoy your visit.

    1. Well in case anyone cares other than me - I think I've tracked down the 7 via the wonderful internets - Luckys, Momocho, Geraci's, Melt, Beachland Ballroom, Parkview, and Sterle's

      more info here:

      Heading there this weekend - hope to hit a few!

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        In all honesty notspiceyenough, your son would like the first four places (Beachland and Parkview I'd skip) and Sterle's is probably something your son is not going to dig all that much. Lucky's, Geraci's, and Melt definitely have something for the 12 year old palette.

        Depending on how finicky he is, Momocho is more of an adult oriented menu but certainly a doable if he isn't a McNugget kid.

      2. I agree with MELT ... but seriously I am not kidding when I say that you should get there the minute they open at 11. I tried to bring a friend there and ended up returning three times ... the first time they were going to run out of bread, the second was a 2 hour wait, and the third we finally decided to wait for about an hour, which wasn't bad. I went at 10:30pm the first time, 1:30pm the second, and 6:00pm the third. They open at 11 and that is your best bet if you're looking for a quicker meal, I would guess. They don't do reservations or call ahead and won't do take-out any more quickly if it's busy (which it always is).

        It's worth it though. Absolutely massive, inventive, gorgeous grilled cheeses with quality and fresh ingredients and great bread. The special of the month is always good. And the Smoky Russian is to die for. They also have about eight kinds of root beer!

        1. thanks for the feedback. I think we have 3 dinners and 3 breakfast/lunches max.

          so was thinking Geracis and Melt for dinner

          and Luckys for brunch/lunch

          Thinking maybe Winking Lizard for another lunch as we'll be downtown concentrating on the Rock Hall (son loves wings)

          Took a look at Beachland and Parkview websites, are they more bar/nightclubs than for food?

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            Beachland Ballroom is a concert venue with a bar and a vintage store in the basement. I've been for a few shows and based on the atmosphere of the tavern during the shows I couldn't really imagine going purely for the food. But! I have heard nothing but good things about the food and they have a new-ish Sunday brunch with a DJ which could be fun and cool for your son. It's in an interesting little art district with vintage and record shops and a retro feel. They recently did a Rock 'n' Roll Barbecue with tons of local chefs, so clearly food is a passion of theirs, not just the music.

            I have not been to Parkview, but yes, it is a nightclub, BUT it's open for lunch and for Sunday brunch so I wouldn't rule it out on that alone. Did you see that they put DDD pictures up on their site? Pretty cool...

            1. re: notspicyenough

              For what it's worth, Winking Lizard is dreck. Might I suggest a burger at Little Bar (located behind behind Johnny's) this truly is worthy of D,D, and D. Very small, right off of Public Square. Great burgers. (Sorry, I haven't reviewed it, but here's a good one Trattnor did. It's old but the place hasn't changed at all.)


              If your son likes wings go to Fathead's out in North Olmsted where you can get your wings deep fried (which is what your son probably likes) or smoked (which I LOVE, but less traditional). They brew their own beer which recently won best IPA betting out some of the heavy hitters in NorCal and the Pacific NW. I'd hate to see you go to a place like Winking Lizard when you can get the exact same thing at any TGI Friday's across the country (even then, I don't think it's good enough to even compare to Fridays).


              1. re: ladybugthepug

                Thank you very much for your reply - I appreciate it - lizard out, little bar in. Just was looking for lunch places near the hall - had searched the boards earlier and didn't see much recommended.

                I'll also add Fathead's to the list as a possibility - I love IPA's and the wings sound good!

            2. I'm going to be in Cleveland for a week for work, staying downtown... are any of these locations within walking distance or a short drive? Thanks!

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              1. re: Ludlows23

                None are really walkable except the Little Bar, which I also recommend. Lucky's is in Tremont, 5-10 mins drive and Momocho is in Ohio City, about the same distance. Parkview is in the detroit-shoreway neighborhood, maybe 10 mins drive. Melt is about 20 mins' drive from downtown. Sterle's is 15 mins.

                I've never heard anything thrilling about Geraci's so I've never bothered to go out there, it's probably 30 mins from downtown. Fatheads is 20-25 mins in non-rush hour traffic and IMO not worth the drive for food, but the beer selection is great.

                1. re: rockandroller1

                  If you like chicken wings, then Fat Heads' smoked wings are worth almost any drive. The regular wings are also very good. The pastrami is pretty good. The pulled pork is very good. The steak sandwich with sardines was pretty good.

                  When I was planning this response I was thinking of saying something like "the wings are excellent but everything else is ok." But it seems like I like Fat Head's more than I thought I did. Obviously, I've had some things there that were only ok. For instance, I'm not super excited about the chips they serve with everything. Or the hot dog. Not much flavor there.

                  They smoke their own pork and wings. They make all of the sauces they use on their sandwiches. They're trying hard and I think it's showing.

                  1. re: stuart

                    I had heard they couldnt' keep up with the demand and thus quit doing their own smoking for pork, and that the only thing that was smoked in house now was the wings?

                    I think the mandatory chips thing is really irritating. I generally don't like chips. You cannot substitute for fries, you have to order an entire basket of fries instead and they will NOT leave the chips off the plate even if you order separate fries. And, the fries sure looked like frozen to me. LESS work than the hand-cut chips and yet more money?

                    I split a sandwich with my dining companion and both sandwiches were very mediocre.

                    I don't really like chicken wings and I am not a beer drinker, so perhaps this place just isn't for me if it's best 2 items are beer and wings. It's too bad because I really wanted to like them.