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Aug 4, 2009 02:50 PM

London - Hampstead - Ginger & White and Slice of Ice

Finally, a coffee shop worthy of the name in Hampstead village. I tried a latte and eccles cake this morning, both excellent and I'm excited to try everything else on the menu especially weekend brunch items. Chatted to Nick, one of the co-owners, no surprise to find out that he's a Sydneysider. Coffee sourced from the excellent Square Mile Coffee Roasters, they are currently using the summer espresso blend.

Slice of ice is a gelateria that opened up a few weeks back taking over the neighbourhood butcher's shop on Flask Walk that had been vacant for over a year. I've been impressed by the quality of gelato (and also the two English style ice creams) they are selling as well as by the waffle cones. Gelato is made by an Italian lady called Ariela in North London (link below).

Great to see some high quality, independent, husband/wife operations opening up in my neighbourhood, I wish them well and here's hoping for more of their kind.

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    1. Thanks for the coffee tip. I'll be up there later this year for a photographic shoot organized by someone on another website I frequent. I'll remember the name and/or pass it on.

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        great coffee shop spot oonth , i hadnt seen that one , much appreciated , i shall check it out this weekend !

      2. Went to ginger and white on the weekend and have to say it's the best place for coffee in North/West London. there are quite a few places like Monmouth, Nude and Taylor St in the city and east but poor old west london only had the chains.

        Good thing about this place is that the food is also really good in its own right. I ate a salt beef sandwich with home made pickles on caraway and my husband had a fish finger sarnie which was delicious. We asked if it was made of cod and the waitress told us they were using pollock, so they seem to be thinking of the environment too which is reassuring.

        Would be great if they could open a branch in Chelsea...!! But for now if you're planning on a walk in Hampstead Heath, check it out before you go.

        1. Had a great brunch at Ginger and White on Sunday - I had smoky beans (lots of smoked paprika) with toast and my companion had a lovely goat curd sandwich with chili jam and greens. Took away a slice of ginger cake with vanilla icing - lovely, although could have been heavier on the ginger - and a crunchy chocolate-pecan meringue-style cookie which was very good. Lovely, quiet lane in Hampstead, too!