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Aug 4, 2009 02:33 PM

Chick-Fil-A has spicy chicken sandwiches

I don't get to go to Chick-Fil-A very often as there isn't one close by to my house, so everytime I go down to the OC (CA), I take advantage. I drove up the other day and found a great new addition to their menu - the spicy chicken sandwich. It was so good - I think I might like it even better than my old standy at Wendy's! Has anybody else tried it yet?

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  1. I take it that it's fried, and not grilled? They offer both kinds of sandwiches, you know, though for me, there's *only* the deluxe original. My freak brother prefers their grilled chicken sandwich, and thus: he's a freak. ;)

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      LOL! Both are good, I went back the other day after my spicy indulgence and had the grilled one :) The spicy sandwich is indeed fried, and I added the special sauce to it. Yum! Similar to the the original crispy, it has the option of just the sandwich or the "deluxe" with lettuce & tomato. Hmmm, making me hungry, I might just have to go back and get it for dinner again tonight!

    2. I wonder if that's a regional thing? It is not on their web menu. I'll have to check it out!

      1. I have tried it and thought it was awful-way too salty, as are all their sandwiches. Then tried the original and was again too salty and smelled like old grease. Wrote to co. to complain; was sent two coupons for freebies. Tried the grilled chick sand with one and was so bad I threw the other coupon away. Even for free have no taste for them. No more chick-fil-a for me ever again!

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          Wow, are the rarest of the rare birds, indeed! I live up in Michigan where we don't even *have* CFA, and we're so much the poorer for it. I consider CFA to be nothing shy of fast food *bliss*, and I can't believe that none of the offerings on CFA's menu would be appetizing to you. In fact, you're honestly the only person I've ever run across who didn't like the place.

          I'd be all *over* that coupon if you still had it. Sorry it's not your cup of tea.

          1. re: boagman

            I'll second marti. I live in Chik-Fil-A nirvana for people like you and I can't stand the place. I also find the sandwiches to be salt bombs, the buns nasty, and their salad dressings inedible. No, I cannot find a single thing on their menu that I find appetizing. Having said that, I love their advertising and buy the cow calendar every year. The Spouse and Offspring are only too happy to use the monthly coupons. They love the place and I positively hate it when they drag me there.

            Yes, many of us have different tastes and I've never really understood why CFA inspires such passion. Give me Bojangle's anyday.

            1. re: rockycat

              Wow. We do, indeed, have very different tastes. It's amusing to me that you should mention Bojangles, since a good friend of mine *swears by* their spicy chicken sandwich. Because of this, when I was last down in Atlanta, on the drive back, I purposely stopped by a Bojangles and tried that sandwich. I could not have been less impressed: no spice level at all, it wasn't even hot temperature-wise, etc. I wouldn't go there again on a bet.

              So weird that our tastes are just that far opposite.

          2. re: marti

            This sounds kind of silly, but was it a stand-alone location or in a shopping mall? We have both kinds around here and the stand-alone ones are vastly superior in almost every way; I could do without their tendency to play Christian music over the sound system, but the food and always incredibly friendly service make up for it. The mall ones are, well, the usual mediocre food court food.

            1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

              Both of the ones where I experienced the "salt bombs" ,grease,etc. were stand alones. I always use drive thru as I also object to their muusic.