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Aug 4, 2009 02:25 PM

What's wrong with my mushrooms?

Hey, question about white mushrooms.
I buy them, slice them in 4, saute them in a non stick pan, after a little while, put a bit of salt, pepper, and onion powder. and it's ready!
Can't eat butter or margarine for health reason, so, the non stick is important, but for flavor, I will cook them after I cook meat in my pan, for all the sugar to transfer on the mushrooms

Sometimes, my mushrooms will cook and be perfect, with a nice brownish color. Sometimes they will lose a lot of water, and they don't taste as good. Like they lost their juicy and they get small and bleh.. and i also lose the sugar from the meat.

How do I avoid loosing that water? Is there any tricks?

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  1. You need to do it in a hot pan, and cook them quickly before they lose their moisture. Generally I like them after they've released their moisture, then they can pick up flavors from your pan, or added like a nice Marsala.