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Aug 4, 2009 02:24 PM

30 hours in Vancouver!

I arrive Saturday at 5pm, I'm staying downtown at the metropolitan so I'm fairly central.

I need to do dinner Sat night, an early breakfast close to the hotel the next morning, lunch near the aquarium and then dinner (early) Sunday night before I get on the train at 8pm

It would also be great if there is somewhere to pick up great sandwhiches or little snacks for the train ride the next day (26 hours to edmonton)

I live in toronto now and some of my favourite places here (for comparison) are Le Paradis, La Fenice, Anh do, Le select, and I live in china town so I like good authentic singapore vermacelli (the spicier the better).

Any suggestions?

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  1. Last time I stayed at the Met, I had great food at Diva (at the Met). Considering your time constraints, I'd think either breakfast or your last (early) dinner would be well accommodated there.

    I guess I should note that it has been a couple years since I stayed there, so things may have changed.

    1. For sandwiches/snacks near your hotel, I really like Scuie, which is a Roman style pizza/sandwich cafe on Howe and Pender and is very close to the Met. You can also get a tasty breakfast sandwich/pastry and cappuccino for breakfast.