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Aug 4, 2009 01:54 PM

Downhill report on Hollywood Bowl hotdogs.

This post will have a somewhat limited appeal, I'm afraid, but the truth must be told. Up until this season the HB sold Hebrew National 1/4 pound dogs in excellent buns (for a concessionaire). In past years I'd order 10 dogs (6 for the people in the box and 4 to take home) before the show started because they frequently would be sold out by intermission. At the first show this season I placed my usual order for pick-up at intermission and was surprised (much too mild a word) to discover that both the dogs and the buns had changed without warning. The dogs were thin (not 1/4 pound), the spicing was inferior and the buns were gummy. Of course the price didn't change. None of us found them edible. I inquired and was told that, sure enough, no more Hebrew National and that the dogs were made by the Patina Group. While I don't believe that Patina is in the business of making dogs I wrote to Patina Group at their website and complaned, not really expecting a satisfactory respone. Unlike the hotdogs, the Patina Group did not disappoint me - I have not received any reply. Although I've not bought any dogs since that first night, I've checked and in the past 4 weeks they have not been sold out at the end of intermission. Eat them at your own risk!

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Mrs. J.L. & I were looking forward to our higher authority dogs at the Depeche Mode concert, but now I think we'll bring bento boxes instead...

    1. Get used to it. Trader Joe's is doing more and more private label and decreasing the size. 7-11 is doing private label chips and other things. It is the way things go during a recession. The sad thing is you would have paid a bit more for the dogs, I am sure but The Bowl got greedy! I know it is not the same but you can buy the dogs and buns at Costco and make them at home and take them in a Trader Joe's insulated bag and eat them at The Bowl and have the last laugh. I feel your pain with all this. I have written Trader Joe's about their hot dogs and other things and still have gotten no response. Trader Joe's does not seem to be as customer friendly as they would like you to believe!

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      1. re: Burger Boy

        But Trader Joe's will take just about anything back w/out question - that's still some customer service imho.

        1. re: cinzia

          Yes, that is customer service, just one part. I fo not like there agressive knock-off policy and they way the downsize a product to increase profit, it is sneaky, just raise the prices, we are adults! I still have not received a reply.

          1. re: Burger Boy

            BB, when I wrote to Patina and said that I've been spending $375 a season for many years on HOTDOGS (for Pete's sake) and wouldn't do so any more, and have not received a reply, that was even more annoying than having the dogs switched out without notice.

            1. re: Burger Boy

              At least you can still get a half-gallon of ice cream at TJ's. Dreyers/Breyers and all the other store brands first removed a cup , then a whole pint from each container. And the "downsizing" trick is rampant everywhere. One pound cans are 15 oz then 14 oz. Haagen Daz "pints" are down to 14 oz. And I remember when potato chips came in 8ounce and 16ounce bags. Now they're down to 5 ounce and 11 ounce. People cried when the state tried to put a 5ctax on a bag of potato chips but don't seem to mind when another ounce is missing from the bag of chips each year.

              1. re: jillso

                It is true that downsizing without warning is widespread, and Patina is reaping a ton of dough (assuming that there are enough folks out there who either don't care or don't know "what used to be," and will pay $3.75 for a dog inferior to what you can get at Fab for $2.75) but let's try to keep this on topic, if we can.

                1. re: TomSwift

                  Hell, you get a great Hebrew National at Costco with a soda for $1.50!

                  1. re: Burger Boy

                    Maybe for the time being, but I refer you to the threads (I think on Gen Topics) about how Costco is switching from HN to their Kirkland dog. I know that the Costco in Canoga Park (CA) will do so very soon. The opinions of those who have tried the Kirkland brand is that they are inferior to HN. You can't beat the price, though.

              2. re: Burger Boy

                Oh I hear you loud & clear - just look at the size/prices of Girl Scout cookies over the years. Now at what, $4.50/box, they have not only reduced the amount of cookies but the actual size of each cookie!

          2. Wait. Are these the same Hebrew National 1/4 pound dogs that are sold in just about every Ralphs, Vons. etc?

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              I assume so, they taste the same and look the same.