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Aug 4, 2009 01:44 PM

Favourite foods of the CNE

Looking forward to the tastes of the CNE coming up later this month. Unfortunately, the FOOD building no longer offers my old favourites from my younger days. Most of the food there today is lousy and well , just not what I remember ( really dating myself now....yes I was born in the 60s). I still go every year and get my corn dog and ice cream waffle! Ew! I know! But I have to ! It's tradition!
I loved the fresh Sally Lee coconut marshmallows! Used to bring home a box, still warm, to my grandmother who also loved them!
And the Tiny Tom donuts,........YUM!
Remember all those chocolate bars and whatnot you could get for a nickel or dime?
Billy Bee honey!
The Lancia pasta kitchen? Who remembers?
I know you can still get the donuts. Does anyone know whatever happened to Sally Lee marshmallows? Where are they today? I miss them.
Tell me Chowhounders what are your favourite foods of the CNE? What are best new ones?

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  1. Just a quick note, asking that people keep the focus on food items that are likely to be available at this year's CNE. We know nostalgia is a big part of what keeps people going back to the fair every year, but our focus is on helping people eat better in the here and now, and comparisons to what we remember from childhood doesn't really help with that mission.

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      OK, Chowhound Team, this is about something that's available today, BUT was also a big part of my childhood Ex-perience. That suit you? The ice cream sandwiches on waffles from a stand near the eastern gate.

      1. re: Bob Catt

        Oops, I see Arcadiaseeker also mentioned the ice cream waffles.

      1. Tiny Tim donuts and the waffles with ice cream -- yummy!!!

        1. Sauerkraut Perogies from the 'Bavarian" kiosk!!
          Cheesecake, preferably 'apple caramel' from The Cheesecake Factory and for the finale....
          The biggest reddest Candy Apple I can find when I'm on the way to the streetcar!!!

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            In the food Building - my favs include regular perogies with sour cream, Daytona wings with fries and honey garlic good. The fries go well with the sauce too & beavertails. I tried a deep fried mars bars out on the midway but did not like it at all.

          2. All "food" for sale at the C.N.E. can be described by one word- "Offal"

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              Not really helpful, what's your point? The OP already mentioned that most of the food isn't that great.

              Anyways, staple for us is always Tiny Toms. It wouldn't be the CNE without Tiny Toms!