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Aug 4, 2009 01:43 PM

Dinner in Jim Thorpe?

We're planning two nights in Jim Thorpe and are wondering where to eat dinner - probably something casual and inexpensive one night, and maybe something a little more upscale the other. Any suggestions?

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  1. Hotel Switzerland (JT's Steak and Ale), Emerald inn, or Molly Maguire's pub should fit the casual bill... think beer and burger... tin ceilinged joints.. Had a really good burger at JT's a couple weeks ago..

    Black Bread was/(is?) a pretty good upscale..though I have not been i nyears.. Another, Moya..relatively new..I have not been... though appeared cramped peering in when walking past....

    all within a short distance of one another..

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      I reiterate my post from before about BBC - if they are still open, it's not because of the service - I have never been treated so badly at a restaurant:
      We had a terrible experience there one Saturday - we had taken an excursion train up and were looking for a place for lunch - I had heard about BBC on this board, so we went right there, It was noon, and the sign said they opened at 1, so we walked around for 50 minutes, and returned (with a now very hungry 3 and 8 year old) to find that not only had they been open for some time, since 12, now they were full! We explained this to the "host", who became very snarky to the point of rudeness, refusing to even acknowledge that the sign said 1 o'clock, let alone offer any effort to try and seat us, or give us any prospect of eating there any time soon. As far as I'm concerned, "fine dining" means more than just the food (which obviously we will never experience), and they ain't living it.

      1. re: phdfoodie

        Wow! I am sorry to hear you had such a rotten experience at BBC. As a poitn of reference, they have changed owners several times in the last couple of years, and they have not been consistent. Next time, got to Flow - they are excellent and the kids will love looking down at the river from the glass box at the rear of the restaurant.