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Aug 4, 2009 01:20 PM

Prime at Saratoga National - Anyone Been Recently?

I did a search of this Board and didn't find any recent posts on Prime at Saratoga National.
Has anyone been recently? What was your experience?

How does it compare to Angelo's 677 Prime in Albany (I have read mixed reviews on this Board) other than same menus? With apps in the $11-$17 range, entrees $30 (more for "prime") is it worth it? The "foie gras of the day" looked interesting. Since I don't eat red meat, how is the raw bar and seafood? What are standout dishes and what should be avoided?

Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.

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  1. Went to Prime at Saratoga National for the first time last week. Service was very good, atmosphere was clubby. Now on to the food:


    *Foie gras of the day - description of apples and apple tartin, etc. did not sound appealing. I have never had apples as an accompaniment to foie gras before and it was surprisingly good.
    *Flash fried calamari tossed with piquant peppers, watercress, arugula and sweet chili garlic sauces - very good, sauces were the highlight.


    *Seared diver scallops with roasted cauliflower and potato puree, arugula pesto, vanilla beurre blanc. Nice portion. Cooked perfectly.
    *SO had pork special of the day

    Overall a very good experience.

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      Went back to Prime at Saratoga National again recently. It was better than my first time.

      Had the foie gras of the day, nori tempura asparagus and paparadelle with scallion cream sauce and seafood (seared scallops, crab). SO had the tuna special. We finished with espresso and Jimmy's cheesecake.

      Service was excellent. This is my favorite Angelo Mazzone restaurant (I have not been to 677). That said, we had a lovely Easter brunch at Glen Sanders Mansion.

      1. re: financialdistrictresident

        I agree with the favorite of Angelo's restaurants and we have been to 677 a few times.

        1. re: jaylhorner

          Went back recently.

          We had a bottle of Camus c. sauvignon and a variety of appetizers and sides:

          *Truffled leek poached blue point oysters with bacon (they graciously left this off for us), leeks, truffles, touch of cream - delicious, might turn me into an oyster lover.

          *Special app - heirloom tomatoes with burrata and basils - burrata was delicious, tomatoes were disappointing.

          *Spicy tuna tartare with scallion, fried shallots, sriracha, avocado, ponzu, tobiko, taro chips, pipette of spicy wasabi aioli - presentation with the tiny pipette and wontons didn't stop us from toppling it over with our forks. Very good.

          *Jalapeno creamed corn with truffle breadcrumbs on top - very good. Not sure I'd get this again though. Maybe the lobster mashed potatoes next time . . .

          *Flash fried calamari tossed with piquant peppers, watercress, arugula and sweet chili garlic sauces. Getting full by now. Delicious. One of my favorite calamari dishes. Between this and Bloomer's calamari with pepperocini I have no need to ever eat calamari anywhere else. Well maybe if I want a more traditional Italian preparation . . .

          We had espresso and coconut cream pie. I said I was going to skip dessert but my spoon kept finding its' way to that pie. Really good.

    2. Went recently with friends who have never been. Really appreciated the valet parking vs. walking down Broadway to a restaurant in the pouring rain.

      First, service was excellent. We didn't have reservations . . .We were seated promptly in the bar area (which we requested).

      We had:

      *foie gras of the day - seared foie gras with berries over a crepe filled with dark chocolate. This appetizer was reminiscent of the foie gras three ways I've had at Falai in the city. Delicious . . .

      *trio of crab cakes accompanied with jalapeno and black bean with sweet corn aioli, sun dried tomato and kalamata olives with basil mayo and ginger and scallion with sweet chili aioli

      *spicy tuna tartare with scallions, fried shallots, sriracha, avocado, ponzu, tobiko, crispy wonton chips, pipette of spicy wasabi aioli

      *arugula strawberry salad with goat cheese, toasted almonds and sherry vinaigrette.

      One of my favorite restaurants in SS.

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      1. Went to Saratoga National recently. It was really crowded and there were only a few empty tables. It looked like track season, but it wasn't.

        For apps we had:

        Flash fried calamari tossed with piquant peppers, watercress, arugula and sweet chili garlic sauces. Consistently delicious.

        Foie gras of the day. They graciously left off the bacon which meant we didn't get the bread pudding (sounded so good with squash, etc.) . . .had grilled bread instead. Seared foie gras was cooked perfectly.

        SO had veal Maria, veal chop pounded thin, breaded, tomatoes, arugula, red onion, balsamic vinaigrette. Large portion, he took some home.

        I had the seared pinot noir lacquered halibut with creamed leeks and lobster, fava beans, asparagus and fingerling potatoes. Very good. Perfect size portion.

        We had a side of truffled, parmesan fries. Brought most of these home.

        We finished with espresso and SO had panna cotta for dessert.

        1. Had lunch at Saratoga National recently. Sat oudoors on the deck overlooking the infinity pond and golf course.

          We shared an app - scallop crudo with oranges, olive oil, mint. A little spicy. We could have used a more heat. I had a sandwich with chicken, cheese, chipotle mayo and jalapenos. Cooked perfectly. The server graciously brought some grilled asparagus when I passed on the FF, cole slaw, etc. And I never even asked.

          My dining companion had FF and a burger on a brioche bun.

          Very good. Might have to go back for lunch more often.

          1. During the race meet I go to Prime several times. During the rest of the year, whenever I visit Saratoga, if I am there for a couple of days, I also go to Prime. I have always enjoyed this restaurant. I've eaten there countless time and I never had a sub-par meal or experience. I can go as far as saying, nothing was ever problematic or "not good" -- never poorly prepared vegetables, oily or over-fried anything, etc. -- nothing.

            It has always been one of the most consistent restaurants in Saratoga.