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Aug 4, 2009 01:20 PM

Georgetown Waterfront Recs

Hi, I'll be in DC for a week in September, staying near Foggy Bottom Metro. Never been before. I've been reading the posts and some people mention the "Georgetown waterfront" and another waterfront. I read the Georgetown answers to the lunch question (and laffed). What are your favorite seafood/"waterfront" restaurants in DC (what counts as waterfront)? High end--Citronelle, CityZen, etc--don't interest. Low key, easy going, good food. For high life, we'll go to the big, old bars. Thanks.

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  1. Go to Seacatch, delicious seafood especially the crabcakes and very nice ambience, request to have a table outside which overlooks the water.

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      Just know that at Sea Catch you are overlooking the C&O Canal, NOT the Potomac river. You will be disappointed if you go to Georgetown looking for good, waterfront dining. There IS good dining in Georgetown...just not on the waterfront. Go to the waterfront for an overpriced drink, but don't eat there.

      The Southwest waterfront, at the "Waterfront" metro on the green line, isn't a dining destination. The Maine Avenue fish market is there, which is fine for a fried catfish sandwich eaten standing up, avoiding the seagulls. Cantina Marina is right on the water, and a fun place for drinks, but it serves mostly typical bar food. It is definitely low key, and easy going.

    2. The real Georgetown waterfront was obliterated decades ago. What has emerged is the Swedish embassy (nice, but not open to the public), an over-priced mediocre restaurant called Sequoia, and a bar with a dock where rich kids gather to re-live their Cancun experience. Take a cab to the Quarterdeck across the river in Arlington for steamed crabs and cocktails. This is not waterfront, but it is a laid back local seafood joint with outdoor seating.

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      1. re: flavrmeistr

        Isn't there a place to eat at the marina further down Rt 1? Anyone tried it?

        1. re: ClevelandDave

          if you're talking about indigo landing, stay away.

          1. re: MDoodle

            Can you expand on that, MDoodle? It seems like it would be a beautiful, peaceful spot, if not for dinner than at least drinks. Is there anything else like that? Wouldn't it be great if a very good restaurant could get a concession like that?

            1. re: ClevelandDave

              If you are adjusting your expectations to have drinks and maybe some apps to fill the void-then yes. Go. The view is wonderful. It is a great location. Nice deck. The restaurant reviews from foodies/ch-ers and critics have been pretty bad as far as dinner and brunch.
              But, if you are asking us to give you chow-worthy recs, then you will probably not be getting many recs on the water.
              Tell you what-go to t he G'town waterfront. Have a drink. Take a round-trip boat ride down to Old Town Alexandria. You will see the sights and relax while you pilot to a better eating destination.

              1. re: monavano

                +1, monavano. I never go to the Georgetown waterfront to eat, except maybe for appetizers at Cabanas to go with the refreshing margaritas. None of the restaurants near the waterfront appeal to me--most are tourist traps. Having a drink though is always a good idea. I've also heard that you can now take a water taxi to Old Town where you can definitely find better resto options. Hey, you just helped me come up with something to do this weekend. :)

                1. re: Gigi007

                  +2 Gigi007. The general rule in DC is, if the restaurant is on the water, the view is great but the food is an afterthought. Drinks and apps only, and you'll pay pretty dearly for those. The main courses are either indifferent, occasionally vile, and you're surrounded by tourists, drunk college folk, or the notorious "boat 'hos" of Sequoia. You'll also get stuck with a bill for the month's rent. Case in point: National Harbor, where you get the privelege of paying $20 for a greasy bowl of fried rice. If you're in Georgetown or Old Town, you can almost always walk a few blocks away from the water and get a decent meal for a fraction of the price. Not the case in National Harbor where you're pretty much trapped.

      2. Agraria just re-opened as Agraria Fishers and Farmers.

        The old place sucked but the new menu is actually pretty good and very reasonably priced.

        The service is still spotty... but, as a resident of that neighborhood and one who's eaten multiple times at most of those G'town waterfront restaurants, I can say that you will be LEAST disappointed by Agraria.