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Aug 4, 2009 01:18 PM

"BEST OF" Portland??

My husband, 2 year old, and I will be in Portland for 3 days in September. I'd love to know the "not to miss" spots for all things food. What is the best
Ice Cream / Gelato
Coffee shop
or any other specialty foods that are out of this world?

We all have very adventurous palates, and our two year old will eat anything. What's good for lunch/sandwiches? We'll be staying in the Pearl district, but will be traveling around the city quite a bit.

Also, any good suggestions for dinners out with a child? She's fairly well behaved as long as we eat early, but clearly there will be some places we (unfortunately) can't take her to. Seafood is tops on list as we live in a mountain town!

Thanks for any help!
PS We'll only be there Tuesday - Friday. Is there a mid-week market?

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  1. ice cream - cool moon
    bakery - ken's artisan
    coffee - stumptown annex
    chocolatier - sahagun

    for midweek market info, google portland farmers market and the schedule/info is on the left side of the webpage

    1. Coffee - Spella or Ristretto

      Chocolatier - Sahagun without a doubt, and they also have chocolate sorbet, iced cocoa & iced chocolate. Best hot chocolate anywhere. Closed for vacation 8/9 - 9/6. Easy walk from the Pearl.

      Gelato - Via Delizia

      Biwa would be good for a kid because you could get a large number of small plates to try and they are usually pretty fast if not too busy.

      Bakery - Ken's Artisan

      Sandwich - Bunk or Kenny & Zuke's.

      Bahn Mi is a specialty. Do a search here and there have been several discussions. All of these will be five miles from downtown.

      Another specialty is our many fine carts. Spella roasters is among them.

      Downtown for seafood you could go to Southpark for dinner. Going early it would be suitable with a small child. You can check it out first, as it is across the street from the farmers' mkt. No matter what any guidebook says, avoid Jake's as it is a tourist trap.

      Pine State Biscuits on SE 38th & Belmont.

      Portland Farmers' Mkt is downtown Wednesday 10 am - 2 pm, where you could have lunch at several places including the Tart Lady & Tastebud Farm. Also make sure to get a cookie at 2 Tarts.

      Have fun and please report!

      1. Ice Cream-Cool Moon
        Gelato-Via Delizia
        Bakery-Pearl Bakery
        Coffee Shop-Barista
        Chocolatier-??, although Sahagun gets penty of attention.
        Sandwiches- MeatCheeseBread or Bunk
        Dinner-Andina(you'll be able to get some ceviches and other seafood)

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        1. re: nkeane

          Thanks everyone for your suggestions! This is great info... we are looking forward to eating our way through Portland!

        2. You'll need to check out Pix. There are two locations, both of which have equally amazing chocolates and other desserts / bon bons.

          1. Though not in the Pearl, Fleur de lis is a nice bakery in the Hollywood district (around NE 39th and Hancock, cerca 15 min drive). Another great family owned chocolaterie (which is coincidently in the Pearl) is Sweet Masterpiece on NW 9th and Davis. They have quite the array of housemade truffles and desserts, though there coffee is not the best.