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Aug 4, 2009 12:46 PM

Tip for a large take-out? (moved from Boston board)

I have never done this before, but I am planning a big sushi take-out for 10-12 people. Do you leave a tip for an order like this? Or is something like gratuity included with such big orders and you jsust pay the bill? Usually cook myself and have no idea what the etiquette is for such occasions,

thanks, hounds!

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  1. Technically, a tip is not generally required for takeout, although it is always appreciated. For takeout sushi, however, I almost always tip - the same amount of work and craft is required whether you eat in or take out, and large takeout orders can cause significant difficulties in small restaurants.

    I generally also tip a few bucks for takeout at places where I go regularly, really because I know and like the staff and find that they remember and take good care of me when I dine in.

    1. A tip is something that you leave because you appreciate the service and should always be given to the delivery person. I've found out that giviing a five dollar tip on a twenty dollar pizza from the Upper Crust in Brookline has cut the delivery time in half. When I need groceries delivered, I pay the delivery cost and tip on top of that. It's not going to cost you too much and is really appreciated.

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        I treat delivery that same as I would in house dining 20%, I leave nothing for takeout as they really didnt bring anything to the table that would suggest I should leave a tip. I didn't dirty any dishes or table clothes nor require them to serve me. It is what it is.

        1. re: NahantNative

          I tip on take out as well. Whether it's a big order or just for one, someone has to take the order and get it right, the kitchen staff works the same, the cashier has to make sure the order is complete and packs it. To say that "they didn't really bring anything to the table that would suggest a tip" is just being stingy.

          I don't tip 20%, but I tip at least 10%. There is one restaurant I go to where they give so much attention to their takeout order. They make sure you have the bread you would get if you were dining in, they make sure you have your little tubs of butter. They pack everything very carefully and will separate out food items so your meal doesn't end up like a casserole. They always make sure the meal is correct and will confirm everything with you as they bag it and they are always so helpful and pleasant. Don't you think that kind of service is deserving???

          1. re: mollygirl

            "the kitchen staff works the same"

            Funny, the mantra here on CH is always that one should never reduce a tip for errors of the kitchen, as it isn't the server's fault. So if that's true, then why should one care if the kitchen staff has to work the same?

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              wait staffs tip their colleagues which can include members of the kitchen

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                I'm aware. But if docking a tip for a server isn't kosher due to it "not being their fault", then one shouldn't be increasing their tip if those same circumstances happen to be good. Can't have it both ways.

                1. re: jgg13

                  I'm not asking for it both ways. I was responding to another's post when I said think it is stingy and mean to think that workers in a restaurant don't
                  deserve tips on take aways.

                  " I didn't dirty any dishes or table clothes nor require them to serve me. It is what it is."

                  You do get service when you order take away. I tip and will continue to do so. You do what you like and if you're stingy then that's your way.

      2. There is a small chance that if the person taking the order is also a waiter/bartender, the cost of togo sales would be included in their total sales and will be taxed on the assumed tip based on a formula I do not understand. One in a million chance of an audit would assume a tip percentage of say 15% for all his/her sales and not care if it is take out.

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        1. re: uwebres

          20% tip for delivery is ridiculous!

          1. re: Reed422

            I don't mess with delivery people, you want to keep them happy as they have a certain hold on your way of life, much like the UPS guy and your paper "boy". Keeping them happy and getting food delivered on time and you packages delivered without having to sign for them is well worth the 20%.

        2. I agree that "big" order of anything should get a pretty good tip, be it sushi, pizza, or burgers and fries. Large orders can have an impact on any restaurant, big or small.

          I *somewhat* disagree that by its very existence, sushi is different or exempt, and by that fact alone deserves the same tip whether it's dine in or take out. Remember that most people tip their servers, not necessarily whoever prepared the meal . I also feel that the experience of eating in restaurant / at sushi bar is a very different experience than take out. (not that I don't tip on take out)

          That said, i've been to a few sushi places that treat you mighty good with a taste or a freebie while you wait...that alone is worth the cash ! One favorite place of mine gave me a hand roll and tea while I waited. I can't say i've ever had take-out sushi just thrown into a bag , and typically care is taken. I appreciate that, and tip accordingly.

          If you are ordering party platters or something, the restaurant should have their policy re: gratuity somewhere on their menu or website, if they have one. no ?