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Aug 4, 2009 11:55 AM

Glow: Fresh Grill & Wine Bar at Don Mills

Anyone tried this place? Any good?

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  1. Horrible. Went a few weeks ago for lunch with some friends and we all were very disappointed.

    It is owned by the Pickle Barrel, had I known that before sitting down I would not have gone but alas, we were already seated and starving at that point when I noticed it on the menu.

    The portions are so small they border on ridiculous and its pretty pricey. I had a cobb salad which was probably one of the worst I have ever had. The iceberg lettuce was limp, blue cheese was sparse and the avocado had a funny taste. The ranch dressing was quite bland and overall the salad was meh. I didn't finish it.

    One of my friends had a club sandwich which consisted of two small peices of bread each about 3 cms across, where they found bread that small, I don't know. She said it was ok but it was around 15 bucks and was hilariously small.

    My two other friends had "burgers." The reason I put burgers in quotes is because they don't tell you on the menu that they come with no bun. One of my friends had the turkey burger which actually looked pretty good and was probably the best thing of all the dishes. It was spiced with morrocan seasonings and served with some sort of chutney.

    My other friend had the mediterranean burger. He was very disappointed, it came as two toonie sized patties with no bun and two spears of sweet potato on the side (also not mentioned on the menu). Needless to say, he left hungry.

    Overall, I left this place feeling hungry and ripped off.

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      1. re: ddelicious

        Fairly, for weekday lunch. The patio is quite nice which I suspect attracts a lot of people. They did not have their liquor licence yet so I would suspect it would get busier once they get it.

      2. re: paper_bag_princess

        Thanks. I was wondering what the place was like. Now I have another another place not to go to.

        Why oh why can't we get some decent places here in Don Mills.

        1. re: DUH CAR

          DUH CAR,
          I sooo agree with you.
          We are a Culinary wasteland, and with few exceptions have always been.
          I am really disappointed.
          Don't even think that I will bother trying it unless things change and I read some decent reviews.

        2. re: paper_bag_princess

          I guess they are trying to do the overly healthy thing. I know Rose Reismen (sp?) is one of the main advisers. I heard her talking on the radio and she was so proud of these "desserts" they serve there which are all in shot glasses. She was talking about how they are so innovative, etc and I was just thinking to myself that if I order dessert I want a real dessert, not some stuff in a shot glass....

          BTW, for other options in the area, when I was there on Sunday I had a jerk pork sandwich from the Jerk Chicken tent setup just south of the main square and it was really good considering it was $6 and included a side of rice. I know it wasn't a sit down meal, but, if you are in the area looking for a quick fix and that place is open I highly recommend it.

          1. re: ylsf

            Yeah the dessert thing was a bit weird. At the end of our meal, our waiter (who was super annoying) came over with this big rack of shot glasses in what looked like a votive candle holder and a bunch of forks. He started to explain what the desserts were and I honestly thought he was offering them to us for free since he had forks with him. Halfway through his explanation I figured they probably weren't free and declined as they did not look appetizing at all.

            My companions were equally confused, after the waiter departed we couldn't figure out if we would have got one off the rack or if they were examples. Given the fact that he brought over forks with them I would think that you get the one that has been carried around and showed to all the tables. Ick.

            1. re: paper_bag_princess

              We have a coupon on the cork board that is for two of those desserts (free). However it has an expiry date of July 31, 2009.

              Methinks they are still honouring the coupon as they opened later than they thought.

              Also heard about the fire this morning ---- karma for the bad food?

          2. re: paper_bag_princess

            The portions are small, the prices are high and the food takes forever. I waited for 45 minutes for my appetizers and even then, the waiter brought out only two out of the three we ordered. The third arrived 10 minutes later with 2 of our main courses. I was amazed at how the kitchen cannot put out appetizers with the apps and the entrees with the entrees.
            I had a Shrimp stir fry and the food was swimming in the sauce. Another person at the table had a beef stir fry but the kitchen forgot to put the rice with it. It was a nightmare. I feel bad because Rose Reisman has put her name in connection to this and it is really bad. Pretty scary

            1. re: paper_bag_princess

              Wow, glad i didn't read these reviews before i went to Glow on Saturday night. My Wife and i watched a lovely concert with Matt Dusk while we ate some food and emjoyed some wine. Seeing as we're all so critical i guess my only comment would be it was a little dark, i'm sure some people had a hard time seeing the print on the menus. Other than that it was an experience to remember which would be hard to match in Toronto. We will be going back.

            2. Looks like it was a hot night at Glow!....

              Fire At New Shopping Centre

              Officials suspect seat cushions stored too close to an outdoor heater may have caused an overnight fire at a brand-new restaurant.

              It happened at Glow restaurant, located in the Shops on Don Mills at Lawrence Ave. E., around 4am Thursday.

              The fire was knocked down in minutes. There were no injuries.

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              1. re: OnDaGo

                I went to this place to celebrate someone's birthday, the place looks really nice from the outside especially the patio, but the food is the worst I ever had. To start I had the Chicken Skewers, they were tasteless. For the main course I had the Filet mignon it came out cut in half already, (What restaurant brings you, your steak in pieces???) I assume that they cut it to see if it was cooked properly, unacceptable!!!!!!! My friend had the Turkey Burger, that was horrible too, reminded us of cat food. We didn't even bother ordering dessert.
                This place is expensive for the quality of food they serve and a waste a time cause you will have to eat right after.

                1. re: ACC888

                  "Due to the unforeseen circumstance of a fire, Glow Fresh Grill & Wine Bar will remain closed until further notice. "

                  1. re: stephentoronto

                    Funny this wasn't reported in the news, no? Not that I am doubting it in any way, just surprised I did not hear or read about it anywhere else but on CH.

                    1. re: millygirl

                      I saw a brief story about it on the City News website the morning after the fire.


              2. I was dragged there by friends, luckily only for dessert and coffee.

                Desserts are these little pathetic chilled cups of pudding. Laura Secord puddings are better. Service is still a bit confused.

                Rose Reisman was sitting there creepily observing everything, with her usual smug look that says "I know what people want and need." Sorry, but I cannot stand her public persona that she has painstakingly cultivated.

                Although I did not eat dinner there, let's face it: this place cannot be good. It's a collaboration between the Pickle Barrel (barf!) without the deep frying.


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                1. re: Fwagra

                  Has anyone eaten at Glow since it re-opened on Oct.14th? I read that Rose introduced a new Fall menu and wondered if anyone has tried it.

                  I've yet to eat there (before or after fire) and considering that it received very negative reviews on here back in Aug., I probably won't unless I hear about some positive change.

                  Also, has anyone attended any events that she has catered and if so, how was the food?

                  1. re: Aislyn

                    My BF and I went to Glow as we were exploring the new shops at Don Mills.
                    Our experience was so bad that it was hilarious. We ordered 2 glasses of sparkling and the server poured them at our table into thoes little measuring vases before pouring them into the glasses...and we all know what happens when you pour sparkling too fast...needless to say more wine ended up being wasted through this whole process and our table was covered in sparkling...
                    Next we ordered the meals (we both had sandwhiches) the bread is REALLY tough (must be all the grains) and the plates are so you can imagine trying to cut the food with a butter knife on a tiny china plate on a slippery table...
                    Anyway the wine selection by the glass was sub-par, especially since they call themselves a wine bar and the food was boring...especially the desserts that look like pudding in shot glasses....I wouldn't go back or recommend.
                    Best bet is to go to McEwan - just try all the samples...boom, there's your lunch! ;)

                    75 The Donway W, Toronto, ON M3C, CA

                    1. re: newbiefoodie27

                      The worst food I have ever had at a restaurant! Do not waste your money!

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