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Aug 4, 2009 11:30 AM

My whole wheat pasta was really really blah...bland & tasteless

The pasta was from rustichella d'abruzzo, a quality Italian brand. I cooked it in salted water, timed according to the package. By the time I added a tuna & spinach sauce, it was OK but, still, the pasta itself was b-o-r-i-n-g.

Any ideas to add flavor, taste, zip?

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  1. I want to like whole wheat pasta, really I do, but it seems I am always disappointed. It usually has a taste and texture reminiscent of cardboard. :(

    I've had better luck with multigrain pasta. I find these, like Trader Joe's, to be lighter and more palatable.

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      Can't say I've found WW pasta bland or tasteless. I second your rec for TJ's multigrain. National brand options like Barilla Plus and Ronzoni Healthy Harvest also have a better taste and texture than 100% whole wheat pastas. That said, of the strictly whole wheat ones, I prefer the TJ's version, probably because they have a high turnover. Some of the pricier imported brands I've tried have been rancid, or very unpleasant tasting.

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        I agree; I like the "plus" versions which are a mix of various grains and which I think have a better flavor than pure whole wheat. I've pretty much given up on plain whole wheat. I have to buy supermarket stuff as I don't have a TJs or WF nearby.

    2. wholewheat pasta needs like twice the flavor of regular. think lots of semi-sundried tomatoes, a whole head of roasted garlic, tons of parmigiano. double up on the spices, and go heavy on the acid and salt. it'll taste great!

      1. I can not eat whole wheat pasta. It just doesnt taste good to me. I dont eat a ton of pasta so when I do, I prefer to eat regular pasta.

        1. Add me to the "yecch" crowd on 100% WW pasta. The blends are OK, but I prefer 100% semolina for dry pasta, and a mix of three parts AP flour to one part semolina when making fresh pasta. adam

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            Ditto! You've done it now - I'm craving fresh pasta. Damn!

          2. I swear by bionaturae whole wheat pasta... it is sort of expensive... but it is the only whole wheat pasta I've tried that doesn't taste gummy.


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