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Aug 4, 2009 11:07 AM

Need A Frosting Recipe (For Cupcakes)

Hey everyone, my boyfriend is turning 28 and I want to make him 28 "1-Up" cupcakes (Super Mario reference).

Anyhoo... I saw these online but they're made with fondant which I don't want to use:

SO... what I'm looking for is a good frosting recipe that won't be too melty. I could just buy the Betty Crocker stuff but I'd like to make something similar from scratch, preferably with a Buttercream flavor.

I'll be adding green food colouring as well to make them look like the 1-Ups.

I'd like to be able to smooth the frosting out once it's on the cupcakes so it looks nicer.

I'm probably going to use those flat white chocolate drops for the "mushroom" spots. I just hope they don't fall off!

OR should I just use a confectioners sugar glaze and add food colouring to that? Would that be too melty?

Also, should I frost the cupcakes the day of the party or the day before?

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  1. Had to look up what a 1-up was. (not much of a gamer back in the day or now) But if he likes sweet icings, I make a basic buttercream icing and add 1/2 cup white chocolate chip to it if I want a stiffer icing. However, you must work quickly when you do this, because the icing will set up and pull on the cake if you continue to fuss around with it. Homeade buttercream icing is better than the tin stuff anyday, so good luck and I'm sure he'll be thrilled with the outcome!

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      Thanks for the response, but, how do you make buttercream icing from scratch? :S

    2. The easiest thing for the basic frosting would be to use the canned stuff and microwave it. After you frost, it hardens smooth. A buttercream would taste a lot better--2 sticks of butter, about 6 cups of powdered sugar, some vanilla extract, enough milk/cream (start w/ 2 tablespoons) to the right consistency. Frost--but more challenging to get it smooth. I keep a very hot cup of water and keep the knife/spatula in it. Remove and frost like you're ironing w/ the knife. Don't worry about water. It'll dry off.

      For the decorations, you could use either white chocolate or those melting candys (from any craft store like Michaels) that are precolored. Get a transparency and the shapes you want, in the size you want, on a piece of paper. Put the transparency over the paper (tape is helpful). Melt the chocolate/candy in the bag. Snip a tiny (small is important) corner. Trace the shape and then fill. Let it dry and peel. If you don't have transparency, florist paper will work--I ask and grocery stores give you a small piece for free. Use frosting to stick on the cupcakes. Frost the day you make the cupcakes so it'll help keep the moisture in.

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        For an easier explanation of the transfer paper, here's a pictorial I found:

        Warning: You want the chocolate to be melted but not overly so or it'll run.

      2. Here is a really simple, off beat, but tasty version of buttercream. Real buttercream is made with beaten eggwhites and sugar syrup and is time consuming. This is a decent alternative that takes color and flavorings well.

        3.5 cups of heavy cream
        5 cups of 10X sugar
        1 lb butter, softened
        vanilla to taste

        In the bowl of your food processor, combine softened butter, and sugar and some of the milk, put on the lid and start processing while adding the rest of the milk. In seconds it will turn into a thick mess.

        Remove the mixture to your stand mixer(KA) with the paddle attachement and start beating on medium high.

        The icing may fall apart at this point - (it will look like cottage cheese) Good! if it doesn't fall apart, apply a dish towel soaked in hot water to the side of the bowl for a minute until it does fall apart.

        Keep mixing, just walk away for 5 minutes - when you come back, you will have a lovely thick, spreadable, pipe-able icing that firms up very hard in the fridge, but comes to a melt in your mouth consistency at room temp.

        I have added cocoa powder, lemon curd, raspberry jam, coffee extract, etc, to this and it always works.