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Aug 4, 2009 10:07 AM

Nice eats near W The Tuscany

Hi fellow CHers. I'm from Toronto and will be doing a 3-week business trip in Manhattan in 2 weeks. I'll be staying at the W The Tuscany and was wondering if Manhattanites or other seasoned travelling foodies have great value and taste food places in the area. I have a per diem limit of 65 USD, but it can be spread over the 3 weeks. Thanks for your ideas!

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  1. You're on 39th between Park & Lexington Avenue
    Artisinal for a nice brunch or dinner (french)
    2 Park Ave
    Penelope- Lex & 30th for a goood breakfast
    Pio Pio for seriously tasty and inexpensive peruvian chicken
    34th btwn 2nd & 3rd
    Vezzo for pizza
    Grand Sichuan for Chinese
    Lex /33rd and 34th

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      Second Artisanal & Rare Bar and Grill. Would also add:
      Ali Baba Turkish Cuisine
      Posto (pizza)
      Blue Smoke (makes a great burger and really good side dishes)
      Les Halles (great steak frites)
      Carl's Steaks

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        If you're on 39th and Park, might as well just walk to Szechuan Gourmet for the best Sichuan in Manhattan.

      2. Before I moved to NYC I used to practically live at the tuscany, the staff there are the best.
        I second every single one of NSCCs recommendations above... and would add:
        Pastrami sandwich at Sarge's 36th & 3rd (4 blocks away).
        Burgers at Rare on 37th & lex (2 blocks away)
        Wolfgang's steakhouse 33rd & park (be prepared to use up a few days of your per-diem here.
        Cosette 33rd between lex and 3rd - great tiny parisian bistro.

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        1. re: Spends Rent on Food

          Thanks for your suggestions. I've also gotten some other suggestions from shows and was wondering if these places are work checking out:
          Magnolia Bakery
          Barney Greengrass

          I'm also an adventurous foodie (except for spicy foods). Any suggestions for overall manhattan that doesn't break the bank but tastes just as divine? Thanks.

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            Skip the cupcakes at magnolia, but DEFINITELY go for the banana pudding. If you want a cupcake, go to 2 little red hens and if you feel like you really want to trey something magnolia-ish, go to their sister bakery, Buttercup Bakeshop, and get a red velvet. The cake at magnolia is super dry and the icing is beyond sweet.

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              Thanks for the tip, NSCC. Does anyone else have feedback for the other restaurants. Thanks!!!!

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                Keens and Barney Greengrass are great. Keens may be a bit pricey (it's a steakhouse) but the porterhouse for two is great. Barney Greengrass is also good but I view their smoked salmon as more of a breakfast thing. Check hours before you go, I think they are closed on Mondays, and are only open 8-6 every other day.

          1. re: kathryn

            Wow, thank you so much, Kathryn! Guess I have a lot of homework to do before I take off next week!