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Aug 4, 2009 10:00 AM

Morimoto in Napa

There's been some buzz about this among restauranteurs in the area for a few months and it appears to be real. It looks like Masaharu Morimoto of Iron Chef fame will be opening a restaurant in a new condo development along the Napa River. Now there's talk of others soon to follow. It's a huge project, a few blocks long with tons of retail/restaurant space on the street level. Too bad one side faces the county jail.

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  1. I've been watching that development with interest . . . thanks for the info on Morimoto. I'm trying to see where things are going in downtown Napa . . . both Pilar and Kelly's have closed recently and there are many empty storefronts with "for lease" signs throughout downtown. And now the long planned waterfront area is finally opening up. Those new Condo prices have of course plummeted as the housing crisis reaches full velocity. I am hopeful that new restaurants can make a go of it in both the old and new sections of downtown.

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      It's exciting to see these type of additions yet unfortunate due to the closures you've mentioned. Now hopefully that strip of 1st Street, between Main and the new hotel, Avia, will begin to get some attention.

    2. This could be a very interesting neighborhood. The paper shows that there is planting going into the mudflats on the river -

      1. There was a comprehensive pair of stories about Napa development and area restaurants in the LA Times last month:

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          I found Ken Frank's statement interesting "The dynamic is shifting south, and a few years from now Napa will be sharp." That's exactly what people were saying when we moved here 10 years ago. In my opinion, nothing is going to save downtown until George Altamura gets tenants, at reasonable rents, into all the empty downtown spaces he owns. He's holding the city hostage.

          1. re: Junie D

            Tourism and restaurant revenues in Napa are terrible right now. There is so much empty space for lease in the city of Napa, and rents are so high. (Thanks for telling it like it is about Mr. A., Junie D.)

            Competition for dining dollars is even more fierce now that tourism is way down, overall wine sales are way down, and locals are eating in more often. Even if it's a new Morimoto sushi restaurant (and we do need a good sushi place in Napa), it appears it will take a marked upturn in the economy to be successful. That upturn may take years.

            Which is why, even though it may be silly to ask in the case of Morimoto and his corporate backers, will even he be able to find financing to build his style of ostentatious restaurant? Dunno. Tyler Florence also has a smaller project in the same coimplex. I'd guess both have signed leases with financing contingencies. All of which makes me think both projects are not sure bets.Time will tell.

            1. re: Junie D

              I don't think it'll ever happen. Sorry, Napa. On my recent weekend getaway, I wanted to, well, get away. With Napa, you drive through high density, run down housing then you come to a cute little downtown. Thanks, I have one of those two miles from my house. I do not need to spend a bunch of money on hotel and transport to see Napa the town. Ubuntu drew us there, but we were in and out quickly - didn't spend a dime anywhere else.

              I come to wine country for the bucolic splendor, the sun drenched hillsides, the patios, the constant excellent wine, reality of Mediterranean living. Sonoma's the right size of town. Anderson valley is amazing. Yountville was all that but you can't buy a decent cheese and it's covered in bling-dipped tourists.

              From what I hear of Oxbow, it's like the Ferry Building. So why would I go?

              1. re: bbulkow

                Fatted Calf's shop is worth a detour when you're on your way past Napa to someplace worth the drive.

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                  <<I come to wine country for the bucolic splendor, the sun drenched hillsides, the patios, the constant excellent wine, reality of Mediterranean living.>>

                  Good point. For bucolic splendor and phenomenal beauty in Napa Valley, you must travel north of Yountville, even heading up into the hills. Northern Sonoma County has many lyrically beautiful areas also.

                  1. re: bbulkow

                    Whenever I see tourists in downtown Napa I have to laugh and assume they don't know the difference between Napa and the Napa Valley. I love my town, but for me its charms are in the community, not so much in the sights.

                    A while back someone told me that the Napa Valley gets more tourists each year than Disneyland. I was shocked, because I sure don't see them; and I live a few blocks from Oxbow Market and the former Copia.

                    One of Napa's problems is that the locals cannot support the high-end shops and restaurants when tourist dollars dry up in the off-season, or now in a recession. This is a working class town, and unlike Yountville and St Helena, virtually no one has a vacation home here. Most locals don't make enough to shop at Oxbow or eat at Morimoto's proposed restaurant. Whole Foods opened with a bang and has now reduced their space.

                    If Copia had cared about local support, it might have limped along a bit longer. Oxbow is now making an effort to woo locals, but "morgue" sums it up most days. If you are looking for people in Napa on a Saturday, head to Walmart.

                  2. re: Junie D

                    Not even a year later things are looking a lot better in downtown Napa. Altamura's shameful empty storefronts remain, but there is actually quite a nightlife developing. Perhaps there is hope for us.

                2. Should be interesting how this one does. The last two times I have gone to the Oxbow Market on a Saturday it has been relatively quiet inside the main hall and at Taylor's.

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                  1. re: pininex

                    Recently I bumped into an Oxbow Market tenant and asked him how things we going. He made a wry face and said, "We call it 'the morgue' ". Sad.

                  2. I'm up at the CIA for the Worlds of Flavor conference -- global street food and comfort food are the themes -- and chatted with Chef Morimoto, who's one of the presenters, last night. He says the Napa restaurant is definitely happening (along with one in Honolulu) and should be open in late spring or summer 2010.

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                    1. re: Nina

                      There is also chatter of Jamie Oliver moving into the same building. That would make it Morimoto, Tyler Florence and the Naked Chef within the same block. Not to mention rumors of both Food Network as well as the CIA looking at the old Copia space. Rumors I'll stress.

                      1. re: Dan Wodarcyk

                        In this economy, I'm not bettin' any deal is a done deal. Morimoto, Tyler, FN, or CIA. Financing is not forthcoming, and existing resto revenues have already been hit hard. FN is known to be, um, parsimonious; and the CIA has no $$. Time will tell.

                        1. re: maria lorraine

                          According to the Napa Register last week, Food Network is out and the CIA isn't talking: