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Aug 4, 2009 09:53 AM

GREAT new Mexican food in Berlin!!

a mexican, a texan, and an australian open up a restaurant…

what may sound like the first line of a joke is, in fact, brilliant news for american expats, embassy staff, exchange students, and tourists who’ve been desperate for REAL mexican food in berlin, which up until now simply didn’t exist, save for some sub-par ‘tex-mex’, chain-type tourist traps.

a happy, predominantly north american crowd has been gathering at this hole-in-the-wall joint on danziger str. since its opening a few weeks ago, sipping coronas (the other beer choice is schultheiss, and even foreigners know to steer clear of this sorry excuse for a ‘brew’). there's a small bar at the window with a few bar stools, and 3-4 tables outside with picknick benches, offering a great view of the latest street construction and evening traffic.
the slightly dingy atmosphere is secondary, and it certainly doesn't deter anyone from savoring the flavors previously lacking in berlin.

the small menu offers a number of mexican classics such as tamales, enchiladas – my favorite dish that night, served with a tangy salsa and queso fresco, chile relleno, fish tacos with crunchy fried morsels of (some sort of) white fish and a spicy mayonnaise, tacos with argentinian beef, and a very nice, chunky guac.

while certainly not the most photogenic food i’ve encountered, i’ve been reassured by my fellow american diners that this is indeed the real deal.

i wouldn't be surprised if this place had to move to new premises by next summer due to its high popularity: the night we were there, two dudes took a couple of barstools outside and used a block of cement plates as a table.

maria bonita * danziger str. 33

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  1. Went here on friday, place was slammed. Ordered most of the menu to share, rated all of it, certainly better than much of what's available in London, definitely more of a cal mex than tex mex style. Which is a good thing. As you said, authentically unphotogenic, though heat was WAAAY muted. Boy did it need that extra chilli. This place seemed to be the new hype, everyone I I met recommended it to me as something to try when I tired of all day früstück, and it definitely lived up to it. Yet another thing Berlin can now claim to do very well.

    1. Sweet! I'll be hanging out for a couple of weeks over Christmas in Berlin and I am dying to eat some decent Mex. The Mex is really bad here in Geneva.

      1. This little restaurant is the best i have ever tried out of Mexico (im mexican). I must say i have tried a lot of restaurants in several countries and this is the only one i have visited more than one time (normally all of them are very dissapointing).

        The portions are small and the price a bit expensive for the size of the portion. The place is small and i'm afraid in winter it will be hard to eat outside. But believe me: the flavor is great and the closest to original mexican (yummy!!).

        I highly recommend it if you want to try real mexican food and not that "nacho-american style" food.