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Aug 4, 2009 09:47 AM

Driving from Rhode Island to Alabama,,GREAT diners???

All I want is to experience some of those great 'Mom and Pop" diners we all see on TV
!I am driving my daughter to Alabama from Rhode Island. We will be traveling:

95 south
I-287 West
I-81 South
I-40 West
I-640 West
I-24 West...........
anybody suggest some great places to stop along this route
Thanks Russell

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    1. re: eatsoupy

      I don't think I-24 comes into Alabama. What's your Alabama destination? It's a pretty long state.

      1. re: sheilal

        Yes u r correct..I meant I-20W/I-59S..thats what AAA says anyway

        any suggestons for great diners ??

        ..and hey..thanks for your reply !!!

        1. re: eatsoupy

          I recommend VJ's on the Runway close to the airport in Birmingham. Technicaly, it's a meat & three, but they have a killer reuben and great tamales, so there's diversity there. It definitely qualifies as Mom & Pop place. There's no website with a menu, but you can google it and see some reviews & other info.

          1. re: sheilal

            Yo spanks !!!
            Keep me in mind if u think of others
            Russell.........................ROLL TIDE !!!