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Aug 4, 2009 09:11 AM

Best Seafood in/around Easton, MD?

My boyfriend and I are traveling to Easton this weekend for a wedding. We'd like to grab a casual but delicious seafood dinner on Friday night before joining in on the wedding festivities. Somewhere casual and comfortable is preferred. We're okay with white table clothes or elbows on the table. We are willing to travel 20 minutes outside of Easton.
Any suggestions? What's the BEST seafood restaurant in the area?


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  1. The best seafood place nearby is Suicide Bridge in Hurlock, but it's a 40 minute drive from Easton.

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    1. re: MelandEd

      Suicide Bridge is, indeed, an excellent seafood restaurant:
      Still, not that far from Easton, is the Narrows on Kent Island which has the best crab cakes and cream of crab soup in Maryland. Suicide Bridge and the Narrows are very different but if I had to choose between the two I would pick the Narrows.

      1. re: Joe H

        If the Narrows has better food than Suicide Bridge, that's not saying much. The Narows is OK but not of great quality...Mason's in Easton, hands down!!!!

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 is the recipe for the Narrows' crab cake recipe. It speaks for itself. How can you say it's "not of great quality?" They source local lump crab meat or, in off season, Louisiana. From the recipe which I've linked: "I will only use crabmeat from Maryland, Louisiana, Texas or North Carolina. It must be blue crabmeat." This is all that they use for their crab cakes and cream of crab soup. And, they use a lot of it with several ounces in a cup of the cream of crab soup alone. What would constitute "great quality" if not this?

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            I've had excellent crab cakes, cream of crab soup and fried oysters at The Narrows. What didn't you like, "namret"?

      2. Had fabulous fresh seafood at the Inn at Tilghman Island, about 25 minutes ( I think) from Easton.

        1. Strictly seafood, St. Michaels, 10-15 min, is your best bet. Of the ones on the harbor, I'd go to St Michaels Crab & Steakhouse over Town Dock and Crab Claw. None are anything to write home about, but they all have outdoor tables overlooking the water.

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            Thanks everyone! Just found out a friend made us a group reservation at the Crab Claw. Sounds like the view will be nice even if the food isn't all that I dreamed!

            1. re: lizlipskrb

              The Crab Claw is fine-ambience is fantastic! If you are crossing the Bay Bridge about 8 miles east of it on the right side of the road is the Narrows on Kent Narrows. Seriously consider stopping and getting a crab cake sandwich to carry out and a cup of cream of crab soup. They are both the best in the state of Maryland and you should really try them, even if you are only stopping in to pick them up and eat them while driving down the road.

          2. Well this may be too late for this poster, but if anyone is contemplating the Crab Claw, please reconsider if you really want good food. Doing the hard shell crab, probably not a problem, but everything else has literally been terrible.

            We are boaters, so we cruise to St. Michael's quite often. Since the Claw allows dogs, we have made it a tradition to visit either for lunch or dinner. In the past month, we have been there twice and vowed not to go there again.

            Their menu has shrunk, so what should provide the kitchen more focus, it instead has sunk to a new low.

            The clam chowder tasted like it came right out of a Campbell Soup can. The fried flounder sandwich was like a where's waldo game trying to find the fish. Most of what we found was breading and it had been fried to a deep maple syrup hue. Not quite the result you look for in fried foods. We are quite sure the poor flounder dissolved in the blistering oil.

            Like most waterfront places, they think the ambiance and the view will continue to carry them regardless of what they churn out of their kitchen. Well it's lost its charm on us and we are no longer going to take the bait.