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Aug 4, 2009 08:59 AM

New job in Burbank - where's the food?

Tomorrow I start a new job at Warner Bros in Burbank. I'm unfamiliar with the area. There's an Arnie Morton's in the building but I certainly can't afford that every day. I'm up for most anything except Thai food...

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  1. I presume you're thinking lunch places. Unfortuately, Burbank is mostly Chain paradise, nothing really mom & pop outstanding. For lunch, while not really great food, you can look up: The Elephant Bar, B.J.'s, Islands, Fuddruckers and of course, Hooters. Burbank adjacent in Toluca Lake you have Bob's, Don Cuco and Paty's. If you can go to Glendale there's Billy's Deli and Foxy's Coffee Shop. Again, nothing outsanding but we are talking work day lunches, right?

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      Been a while since I worked in Burbank, but there were some good little mom & pop places:

      La Bamba on Glenoaks, good Caribbean food

      Pinocchio on Magnolia, killer eggplant parm

      Rocky's fish on San Fernando
      also there was a good little sub place next to Rocky's

      There was a good little burger & beer place on Olive (Don's Place?) I believe it's gone now. Also Rocky's Burgers on Lincoln near Empire.

      ALso there was a little pizza shack on Magnolia that sold damn good slices, close to Chili John's

      Good little taco stand on San Fernando near Olive El tapatio, also Fiesta Taco on Hollywood Way

      Frontier Wok - Chinese on Hollywood Way

    2. Congratulations and welcome to Burbank! These places are relatively close by. There are also some good places in downtown Burbank.
      Decent Peruvian - Choza Mama
      Rotisserie chicken, salads, and wraps - Corner Cafe
      Pizza - Numero Uno and Dino's (the lasagna pizza is really good!)
      Greek - George's Patio Cafe (the gyros are good, but it's a pretty expensive quick lunch)
      Casual fare - Riverside Cafe (french onion soup and Ceasar salad with homemade dressing is so good!)
      Sandwiches and pastries - Porto's (cheese rolls, potato balls, cubano, medianoche, and their entire dessert display are some of my favorites)
      Do stay away from Ghindi Thai and Sushi...uninspired and boring Thai food. Sorry, couldn't find the links to some of the places.

      Porto's Bakery
      3614 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505

      Dino's Pizza
      3520 W Burbank Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505

      Choza Mama Restaurant
      3121 W Olive Ave, Burbank, CA 91505

      Numero Uno Pizza
      4006 W Riverside Dr, Burbank, CA 91505

      Corner Cafe
      171 N Maple St, Burbank, CA 91505

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      1. re: attran99

        Forgot to mention that Zankou Chicken recently opened in Toluca Lake...about 5-10 mins from WB depending on traffic on Riverside. Great wraps and chicken...I particularly like the garlic sauce.

      2. I assume you'll have in/out on your parking, so:

        Willie's Fish 'N Chips on Alameda and Victory
        Osaka Teriyaki on Alameda west of Main
        Philly's Best on Olive near Verdugo
        Arde's Bistro on Riverside in Toluca Lake
        Corner Cottage on Victory and Verdugo (also excellent breakfast burritos)
        The two Mexican places on the NE corner of Alameda and Glenoaks
        Cafe Bravo on Glenoaks and (?) Grandview in Glendale
        Ameci on Glenoaks and Orange Grove
        Trimana in the 3800 Alameda building (no pass needed to get in)
        Pupuseria del Valle on Victory between Verdugo and Alameda
        Priscilla's Coffee House on Riverside right near the DIC building
        Papoo's Hot Dog Show (go once to see if it's your thing).

        Concur on Porto's and Dino's. Do NOT concur on Choza Mama (minimally-acceptable Peruvian food).

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        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          Respectfully disagree on Trimana in the Disney building...I work in the building, and it's the last place I would eat...unless I'm desperate. The chicken in their salads/sandwiches are tasteless and rubbery. Their potato salad has some weird elements of cinnamon and nutmeg. The quesadilla special is made with the guacamole inside...warm guacamole...not my idea of yummy. The only good thing on their menu is their french fries. Because they're in the Disney building, their prices are higher than the nearby establishments.

          1. re: attran99

            Oh, I have never had problems there, but I usually get a burger or a hot turkey sandwich.

        2. Fiesta Taco (on Hollywood) ain't bad.
          Not in Burbank but a short drive are 818 Masala on Lankershim & Philadelphia Sandwiches on Magnolia.

          1. Choza Mama is walking distance and worth a try.
            Ciao Cristina recently opened across from the west side of the lot, happy hour!
            Arnie Morton's happy hour has been raved about here.
            Valentino Cafe across from Hollywood Way gate is okay in a pinch.
            Salerno's is a few blocks walk, gotta know what to order there.
            El Torito, also few blocks up Riverside, has a fajita-lunch-buffet.
            Numero Uno is up there as well, ya love it or ya hate it. There is also Nature's Pantry and the Paradise Juice fountain, (yeah, you gotta take a walk up Riverside, lots of lunch choices just 3 blocks from your office).
            WB has a breakfast/lunch cafe on Riverside behind your building.
            There's a Trader Joe's in Toluca Lake , and a Sharkey's Mexican, a Boston Market, a Robek's Juice and a Koo Koo Roo.
            Ribs Usa, Poquito Mas and Tony's Italian Deli are about a 1/2 mi up Olive.
            Best lunch in the area is Timmy Nolans pub, use the Mon-thurs lunch coupon from his website.

            Timmy Nolan's Tavern
            10111 Riverside Dr, Toluca Lake, CA 91602