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Aug 4, 2009 08:09 AM

Lotus of Siam or Nobu? Which would you choose?

Let me seek the help of fellow Chowhounders. If you had a choice, would you go to Lotus of Siam or Nobu for dinner? Yes I know the price points are not even close but I am asking this question to help settle an argument. Simple 1 word answers to full length responses are certainly welcome and Thank You in advance for indulging me!

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  1. For food, Lotus of Siam. I have never been that impressed with Nobu (at least the Las Vegas branch of the chain).

    1. I was way underwhelmed with Nobu, especially for the price.

      1. This is a strange post indeed. I'll jump in anyway. Since we're comparing apples to foie gras here, I'll stick with the apples and go to LOS. I'm going to diverge off topic here and say that Bar Charlie blows both these places out of the water. Sorry Feldman!

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          Stop bringing logic into this! You're right, of course, although the full treatment at Bar Charlie makes Nobu look cheap.

          1. re: climberdoc

            Apples and foie gras are a very nice combination, when prepared properly! But I agree w/this being an odd post. BUT, I had to prove a point, albeit impossible given the diversity of people's taste in food. My friend, who I respect in most areas, made what I believe is a most ludicrous statement...that Lotus of Siam is a dump and that Nobu is far superior. Well, it got me going. So I went to Zagat's (now before you all jump on me for using Zagat's as a reference, I do find it helpful) to find that Nobu had received a higher food rating than LOS. When did that happen? So the banter began. I then decided to make this post. Which leads me to the next point...What my FF friend said was that LOS was "over-rated"! BLASPHEMY I say!!! However...he's right. Well, partially right. Let me explain. 1st of all I will say that I have NEVER been anything but completely blown away from my meals at LOS. The flavors, the really is $ for $ the best restaurant in Las Vegas. But when people start reading reviews that say it is the finest Thai restaurant in the in North in the get my point, how can it not be over-rated? And then take a palate that, pardon the expression, is not as refined and you have people going to LOS who expect that when they put food in their mouths they will hear angels sing. The average person going with a bunch of foodies to LOS will undoubtedly find it to be good. But does the average person appreciate and taste the subtleties of Thai cuisine? So, yes, it can be "over-rated". But so is Tony Romo and the Cowboys...

            1. re: LVI

              I have been to better Thai restaurants in LA for a fraction of the price of LOS. Ambiance aside, to me the food is overrated and overpriced for the cuisine.

              1. re: A5 KOBE

                I agree with the assertion that calling the food at Lotus the best in the frickin' world could be a bit of a stretch, as such things are very subjective....

                For me, what truly sets LoS apart from any other Thai restaurant in the WORLD is the wine program. At last count, there were 300+ Rieslings from some of Germany's very best producers: Donnhoff, Muller-Catoir, Josef Leitz, Willi Schaeffer, AJ Adam. And the pricing is AMAZING. If Riesling ain't your thing (which would really be a shame, because this food SCREAMS for it) take your pick from First Growths, Grand Crus and Cult Californians, all at prices that usually hover just above retail, IF you could even find the wines elsewhere.


                So while you might be able to find Thai FOOD that is on par with LoS, I would highly doubt that anyone could find a better Thai RESTAURANT.

                1. re: rojoguapo

                  ^True, but I usually just prefer a Singha beer with my Thai food.

                  I guess it is a subjective and a matter of preference, foodwise I'll pass.

          2. Skip both, save your money and head to any of the two Joel Rubuchon places.

            1. LoS; it's unique to Las Vegas whereas Nobu is a chain.