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Aug 4, 2009 07:31 AM

one-o-one knightsbridge

Its in a hotel who's exterior is 60's bland and on the face of it just doesnt exude enthusiasm .However ive read a few extremely positive things about this restaurant that has somehow never hit my radar . The essentially seafood menu reads beautifully and with their 50% off deal is certainly not expensive .
But , before i give it a shot i'd like to know your views ?

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  1. i was just thinking exactly the same thing. its not cheap but the toptable offer looks good value. any reviews out there?

    1. Went last summer, food was fine nothing special. I had been similarly tempted by the menu and by one of their king crab creations I had enjoyed at Taste of London 2008.

      Ingredients are clearly high quality (with the Brittany oysters and Norwegian king crab getting star billing) but for me the flavour combinations didn't work and drowned out the crab, oyster etc.

      I doubt that I would go back although the 50% off is a draw card. Recently I bought a 2kg spider crab from Steve Hatt for a very reasonable £12 and that rendered lots of delicious, sweet, succulent white meat, for me a visit to a fishmonger of that ilk is the way forward when I'm in London and fancying quality seafood.

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        steve hatt is top notch. i wish i still worked in angel so i could wander down essex road for steve hatt, the butchers, and the veg shop next door.

        1. re: alexdz

          agreed, that's a very decent trinity of shops on essex road.

          off topic for the OP but another superb fishmonger i go to regularly is nic rascle @ 102 robert street (between hampstead road and albany street). given time, i think he has what it takes to be the best fishmonger in london. he is also a very talented french chef from what i can make out.

          1. re: oonth

            dont you worry about that oonth . After listening to your mouthwatering comments on burrata earlier - feel free to say what the hell you like .
            I love burrata !