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Aug 4, 2009 07:00 AM

top client coming to visit DC - need top notch wine list with matching menu for this Tuesday...

Was thining Equinox or CityZen... anything else out there? Komi is booked....

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  1. Proof has a great wine list. I like the food there, too but think the apps are better than the entrees. Dino is not as high-end as Equinox or CityZen but has a really great wine list and solid Italian food.

    1. Equinox is not the equal of CityZen with regard to food, wine, or, particularly, service. Marcel's is a definite possibility. Ditto Courduroy. Citronelle has become somewhat unreliable.

      CityZen would be my first choice in your situation.

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      1. re: Indy 67

        Agreed, Equinox would be my second choice after CityZen. I can't really think of a place with better wine service that would be better for a business dinner.

      2. I also love Tosca - they do a nice pairing and it would be a good, quiet place for a business dinner.

        1. i would definitely go with proof.

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          1. re: littlew1ng

            The OP hasn't shared any information about the field he/she is in. I think this is important. Although I recommended CityZen up thread, I just realized that the type of business may have an impact on the choice.

            I'd probably recommend a different restaurant for clients of a creative business like advertising compared to my rec for clients of a law firm. Considering Proof's excellent wine list and their well-executed small plate choices, I can see choosing this restaurant if the hosts/client/business are younger and hipper. At my age, and with my professional background, my original response was CityZen, and frankly remains so. When I read "top client" I think "top destination." Had Komi been available, it would have bridged the gap between top destination and younger/hipper.