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Aug 4, 2009 06:50 AM

Help Please for a Post-Wedding Group Lunch

My fiance and I are getting married at City Hall on a Wednesday morning at the end of August. We're looking for a restaurant to take 10 to 15 people to for lunch (mostly out-of-towners) after the ceremony. Ideally, we would like to cover everyone's bill for $500 to $600 total (group is mostly light drinkers, so a couple of bottles of wine would suffice, and dessert would be ideal, too). We are debating eating near City Hall, or closer to our apartment on the UWS. We had considered family-style italian (have seen suggestions for Carmines, but I fear it will be too loud), or maybe French? Any suggestions would be so very appreciated -- I have checked out some of the related posts, but I'm not sure if those suggestions would fit what we're lookng for. Thanks!!!

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  1. Congrats on your upcoming marriage.

    Presuming that you want the $600 budget to include food, wine, tax & tip, that would be $40pp for 15 people, $60pp for 10. That is quite a difference. But going on the assumption of the higher number of guests, I would suggest you consider Tocqueville. The 3-course lunch prix fixe is $24.07. The French-inspired New American cuisine is delicious, and the elegant space -- one of the most beautiful in the city -- would be perfect for a post-wedding celebration.

    The determining factor for bottom line cost would be the wine. They do offer a wine pairing with the prix fixe for an additional $15pp. That would bring the cost to $40pp before adding the 9% tax and a 20% tip. However, if you have light drinkers, all of whom might not want the pairings, you may be able to order a few full bottles for less than the $225 pairings would cost for 15 people. That would bring the cost closer to your budget.

    I wish you and your soon-to-be husband all the best.

    1. I'd reccommend going to a place like Fig and Olive on lexington, or scottos, they have decently priced lunched and its a quick in and out. Cheap bottles of wine too.

      1. what time are you planning on going out to eat? sometimes restaurants offer a lower priced menu during lunch time or off times (like 2 - 4pm) when they aren't busy.