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Aug 4, 2009 06:41 AM

Pizza recommendations for Lansing/MSU area

My nephew is going off to MSU in the fall and considering the combined factors of his mother's (and my brother's) wonderful cooking, his appetite and the nature of college dorm "food" I am concerned that he will starve.

So I am looking for recommendations on where I should get him some gift certificates for off-campus eating or delivery service.


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  1. is kind of an aggregated delivery site for most of the takeout at MSU (other campuses use it too). Most of the good stuff is on there (Pizza House, Mennas). Most of my friends and I used the site more often than not when ordering takeout. There's a link for gift cards down at the very bottom of the page.

    As far as pizza recs go, Pizza House is the best (and the most expensive), followed by Cottage Inn. The rest is pretty standard chain stuff. Tell your nephew to get to Menna's (grilled wrap sandwiches that are better than the sum of their parts) ASAP, because if you're going to put on the freshman 15, that's the way to do it.

    1. I've lived in Lansing for a year and a half and finding a good pizza has been a challenge. Unfortunately, my two favorites are chains. Cottage Inn's thin crust (only the thin crust...the regular crust is no different than the rest of the chains) and Guido's in Okemos.

      Pizza House is pretty good but pricey. There are a few bars that serve a pretty good pizza including Art's Bar near downtown Lansing.

      I would second Menna's. The Dubs are pretty good. I work at MSU pretty often and finding something different for lunch can be challenging. I've blogged about all of my culinary adventures in Mid-Michigan which may give you a little more of an idea about what's in the area.

      1. While not Pizza I would also keep a mouth open and ready for a Jersey Giant Sub. I think they are a local chain but I have been impressed with them each time I get one.

        I get "The Boss" with double onion and no lettuce....Oh god is that thing good. I am so glad I will be in Lansing on Friday.

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            I thought Deluca's wasn't much different than Pizza Hut. It was good, but it was too much crust. Everyone I talk to always points me towards the place though. We enjoyed their breadsticks more than the pizza.

            Izzo's was OK....I got a small pizza and there was way too much crust. I haven't been back to try a larger and hopefully more thin crust.

            You've got Izzo's twice...what was the third one?

            1. re: Mid Michigan Dining

              Sorry - Guido's


              I'm curious if you've found any pizza in the Lansing area you like. I admit we don't have anything that approaches pizza in Chicago or New York.

              P.S. Although our tastes really differ, I follow and really enjoy your blog.

              1. re: jackiecat

                we order Cottage Inn all the time. Their thin crust pizza is delicious...only the thin crust. The other pizza I've had in Michigan that I really like is Buddy's in Detroit

                We had Guido's once too and really liked that as well. Again their thin crust pizza was really good with the cayenne sauce.

                Fat Boys Pizza in Holt is another of our favorite.

                I just don't like a whole lot of crust unless it's the Chicago deep dish which is why I'm not a huge fan of Deluca's. Iiked it, but it wasn't something that I thought was really great. I prefer the really thin crust. I had high hopes for Izzo's, but the pizza I got had a thick crust.

          2. My inlaws live in E. Lansing and swear by Sir Pizza . I heard about it for years and finally we got some carry out a while back . The crust was nicely thin and well browned , the pepperoni was , curiously , ground up like loose sausage . The cheese was acceptable , sauce bland canned red stuff . They slice their pies up in about 4" squares ( I hate that for no good reason ) , and I found it overall bland and kinda tasteless . The rest of the table devoured it and claimed to think it was great , so maybe it was just me . Also , many years ago right downtown practically on campus was a place called Bilbo Baggins ( which name I also hated , for obvious reasons ) that did a good kitchen sink pie that was pretty darn good if the thick crust is your thing . It is not my thing , but all the veggie toppings were fresh , not canned , and the sauce was zesty and rich , cheese real mozzarella . That was many years ago , however . Other than that , I have not found any really good food in the greater Lansing area . Sad , really .

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              I had Sir Pizza once....that was enough for me.