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Aug 4, 2009 06:41 AM

Edmonton Butcher Shops ?

Where can I find a good butcher shop in Edmonton ? I live in rual Alberta and I have no access to local prime cuts. While in Calgary, I have found the Bon Ton Meat Market and would love to find a similar shop in Edmonton.

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  1. Stuke:

    This topic comes up from time to time so I will be interested in reading what others suggest. "In the day" I used to shop at a number of privately owned spots.

    That would have included Acme Meats on the southside, Queen City Meats downtown and Colonial [now Sunterra] in the Lendrum Shopping Centre. All to my way of thinking had their specialties.

    I think Acme is still in operation but I have not ventured therre in a number of years and usually end up in the pre-packaged meat available at Safeway-Sobeys-Save On.

    Cameron Meats had a place in Crestwood where Urban Fare used to be but it did not last very long.

    I do not go up to the Halal butchers up on the 137th Avenue strip but perhaps others do.

    Good luck.

    1. Acme meat market is one of the best , if not the best, butchers in town, been around for at least 30 years and probably longer.(9531 76 Avenue Nw- (780) 433-1812)- high quality and high prices.

      For every day AA and AAA beef the butcher shop at Andy's IGA in Valleyview (9106 142 Street) is a good bet, they will prepare any cut you want, and also carry Sterling Silver beef if you are looking for something extra. And it is one of the few places in town you will find fresh veal . ( Sunterra's is previously frozen).

      The only place I know you can get Angus beef these days is the Save on Foods meat counter. ( The one on 109 street and Jasper , and the one in the South side off Gateway Boulevard and 70 something Avenue).

      Lastly , the meat at COSTCO is of very good quality, although I don't know what is the provenance of their beef. If you can do some basic cutting and trimming , their vacuum packed whole cuts are good for doing a little extra aging before using them.

      I rarely buy beef at the farmers market because it is mostly frozen.

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      1. re: felix the hound

        Actually, it is quite easy to get beef at the Strathcona market isn't frozen. Four Whistle Farms is always fresh, Sunworks maybe 1/2 the time, Trowlesworthy...more often frozen than fresh, but sometimes fresh.

        I recently bought fresh sirloins at Buffalo Valley, who also have fresh bison regularly. Probably if you ask there, they would say what day is best to get it before it hits the freezers.

        1. re: Dan G

          We buy the chicken sausages from Sunworks which we enjoy almost as much as the italian centre fresh sausages.- different spicing - I'll look for Four Whistle farm next time I am at the market as we are trying to support local supliers. . Is there anything in particular you would recommend?

          1. re: felix the hound

            I love Sunworks chicken mettwurst sausages! Pea risotto, a bottle of sauvignon blanc... And the pork chorizo, though only slightly resembling traditional chorizo, is another of our favourites; don't like the chicken one as much.

            Four Whistle: I usually buy their lamb (rack, shanks,...) and veal shanks, beef tenderloins are also usually good quality. Have tried some of their sausages (lamb merguez) and wasn't thrilled - too much fat and too much spice - stick with the basic cuts.

          2. re: Dan G

            Dan I agree with your comment - "Probably if you ask there, they would say what day is best to get it before it hits the freezers"

            I know plenty of people that are so quick to come and go these days, no one takes time to talk to the people behind the counter. I almost always learn something new and sometimes find out about good deals or limited products.

          3. re: felix the hound

            felix the hound:

            Thanks for the reminder about Andy's.

            I usally end up there looking to see if I can get some ground veal when planning ahead for a big pot of bolognese. They are, as you have said, quite accomodating.

          4. I used to shop at Ben's Meats on Stony Plain Road when I lived in Edmonton. Their meat was always very tasty... and they make a very good deli sandwich.

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            1. re: swbossert

              I like Ben's their stuff is good quality. Also where Cameron's used to be in Crestwood is now Care-it Deli, really nice high end meats (of course with a high end price too). they have another location in the Hamptons

            2. Add my vote for Ben's Meats & Deli.

              1. I can't add anything new, but I can confirm that Acme meats is a great butcher. I also recommend Andy's, and will also support Costco, although the serving sizes are as you'd expect there.