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Aug 4, 2009 06:40 AM

Bueno opening in old Gravy/Trout space

Noticed the sign hanging in the window announcing the arriving Bueno, featuring the cuisine of "the romance languages" or something. Although I think they're referring to French, Italian, and Spanish, I'm hoping to see some good Romanian, Wallonian Belgian, and Romansch Swiss dishes ;)

Anyone know anything about this place?

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  1. Huh. Is "since 1963" the BBQ spot gone already? I can hardly keep up with the shifts and turnovers there.

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    1. re: jennitrixie

      From reading the sign, the way I understand it is that the entire compound is going to be some sort of food mall. It looks like "Bueno" is opening in the former indoor trout area and will use the indoor kitchen behind trout. Both Trout and Since 1963 have their own little contained cooking/ heating areas.

      I don't have high hopes, but I've been wrong before...

      1. re: bhill

        Since 1963 is still there, operating out of the area that used to be the "game room".

        I'm just waiting for a Sbarro and Panda Wok.

        1. re: lambretta76

          Sounds like this restaurant compound is turning into Babu's Dream Café.

          1. re: jennitrixie

            I have zero optimism that whatever new incarnation they are exploring will produce anything edible.

          2. re: lambretta76

            A Panda Express would probably be better than most of the chinese on Smith st. by a long shot; )

            I just can't get my head around a place called "Bueno" not being a burrito shop.

            1. re: bhill

              "...I just can't get my head around a place called "Bueno" not being a burrito shop."

              Not to mention there’s a not so bueno Mexican restaurant (with decent drinks) right next door.

      2. So I finally ate at Bueno, and I'd go back again. The French Onion Soup is seriously killer. Easily the best in the neighborhood. There's delicious stock going on, with sweet onions and tons of gruyere melted on top. Can't wait to hit it up when the weather gets a little colder.

        Other things tried at our table were solid but nothing to write home about. Burger and fries were above Apt and below Tabac. For dessert we had a kick-ass souflee.

        Service was attentive, but slightly awkward. The music was a little cheesy. They need to make sure their glasses are checked for cleanliness before going on the table, and while they're at it, get rid of the silly looking place-settings.

        Though I don't think Bueno is offering anything new or vital for the neighborhood, I think it's a solid addition. I look forward to working my way through more of the menu.

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        1. re: bhill

          I went for lunch the day they opened and I have to say I was impressed enough to go back, but there was a couple of misses.

          First the good:
          * The space is the nicest it's been of any of the incarnations of this space
          * The staff was polite, friendly, and attentive (but we were one of two parties there)
          * The zucchini fingers (or sticks or whatever) were delicious, served with a great tomato sauce and fried parsley
          * My wife proclaimed the crab cake to be the "best ever". It was really tasty, mostly crab and corn spiced nicely and served on a bed of avocado salad

          The bad:
          * The aforementioned music. Loud, random (sufi chants followed by afropop followed by something sounding like Air Supply), and not very good
          * The "Cuban". Barely pressed, lettuce and tomato on it (Tampa school cafeteria style?) with too little sliced pork. It was an OK sandwich, but it wasn't a Cuban.

          I was impressed enough to go back. I've been looking for something like Downtown Atlantic since that restaurant went downhill so shockingly after the first year or two in business, and this may fill the void.

          Sadly, no Romanian or Wallonian cuisine on the menu ;)

          1. re: lambretta76

            We went for brunch with our 1 year old last weekend. Our experience was mixed.

            The staff was very nice to us and to our son.

            The wait for our food was quite long (much to the displeasure of our little boy who was to try scrambled eggs for the first time......). I had the hash with a poached egg and my husband had poached eggs with bacon/etc and both of our poached eggs were overcooked (yolk was completely solid). When we mentioned the eggs, the waiter didnt really seem to acknowledge or offer to replace (and we didn't ask them to since we didn't want to wait again) but he did graciously take the price of our bloody mary and mimosa off the bill.

            Nothing was particularly inspired about the food and I have to say I felt a bit off all afternoon after the meal which could have been down to the spicy bloody just not being a good idea that day ;)

            Not rushing to go back, I prefer the bbq they're doing next door honestly.

            1. re: Nehna

              May be the first time I've disagreed with anything you've said on this board, Nehna. Spicy bloody is *always* a good idea. (At least the first one.)

              1. re: cazique

                hahaha....maybe I'm just a lightweight since having a baby. I would tend normally to side with you as opposed to me on this ;)

        2. I know this place closed a little while back. It looks like they've got the space boarded up for a heavier overhaul before the next incarnation. (May I also suggest the burning of sage to rid the space of its bad juju?) Any word on what they're up to?