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Aug 4, 2009 06:14 AM

Arkansas along I-40 ?

In search of lunch options from Conway to Little Rock to Dardanelle. Preferably very close to the interstate as that day may be 12 hours behind the wheel.

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  1. Maybe someone will be tired of great food experiences in Arkansas and spending time on the board this weekend.
    Or should I just take sandwiches?

    1. I don't have my references in front of me, but some time back we found a wonderful catfish place at exit #202. Go 2 miles south from I-40, then 2 miles east on the US highway and turn right just before the river. On your left (about 300 yards from the highway) is a great place for catfish, but they are only open Thursday-Saturday as I recall.

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      1. re: Milt

        I too will be driving near I-40 between Memphis and Little Rock and would love to find a good place. Willing to get away from the interstate, but don't want to drive 50 miles out or anything.

        Do you remember the name of this place off exit #202?

        1. re: SometimesSouthern

          Craig's BBQ in Devall's Bluff AR is great if you like BBQ. Pie shop across the street too. A few miles off I-40 but not too far.

          1. re: tater

            Wow. if they would have went to Craigs and the Pie Shop, I'd have absolutely loved to read the experience. Once in a lifetime for Non-Residents. "Tater" I'd like to start a thread of Arkansas or Hole in the wall - hidden gems. Yes? charleskochel @ gmail

      2. Can't think of anything "great" between Conway and Little Rock. There's Catfish Country ( between Conway and Morrilton and it's only open on the weekends.

        For a change of pace, in Little Rock you might want to try the cafe in the Presidential Library, Cafe 40. We went in the spring with 8 teenagers (all were well behaved). The sandwiches are really good.

        Another vote for Craigs! if you're going between LR and Memphis.

        1. I was traveling this route about 6 weeks ago, and we stopped in a great BBQ joint in Forrest City, AR (about an hour west of Memphis in between Memphis and Little Rock, just off of I-40). Hickory House BBQ, 918 North Washington St., Forrest City, AR.

          The food was great, and very inexpensive. A down home BBQ place. Filled with local color, with pictures of their family in the back of the restaurant. I had BBQ; excellent.

          1. RUSSELLVILLE...........

            Pudgy Pig is just off I 40 take Exit # 83 or Exit # 84 to E. Parkway. Take Exit 83 south on Weir Rd. To E. Parkway or Exit 84 south to E. Parkway.

            Pudgy Pig has best BBQ according to local folks.

            Old Post BBQ @ 407 S. AR Ave., Russellville, AR. 479 - 968 - 2421.

            Pudgy Pig BBQ @ 2405 E. Parkway Dr., Russellville, AR. 479 - 967 - 6062. *


            Closest to I 40 Is Whole Hog. Take right @ Exit # 127 right on E. Oak St. then 1sr right on Gum St. WH is on right in strip mall.

            Whole Hog Cafe @ 150 East Oak St.,Conway, AR. 501 - 513 - 0600.


            Smitty's BBQ @ 740 South Harkrider St., Conway, AR. 501 - 327 - 8304.


            Smokehouse BBQ @ 505 Donaghey Ave., Conway, AR. 501 - 764 - 4227.


            Rivertowne BBQ @ 205 S. 3rd St., Ozark, AR. 479 - 667 - 1808. *


            In Ozark take Exit # 37 south on State Hwy. 219 about 10 minutes you run dead end to Rivertowne BBQ just past E. Commercial St.