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Aug 4, 2009 05:36 AM

Help me with Elmhurst Queens spanish menu items..Please

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  1. I'll take a crack at some of these,,,my spanish is pretty much limited to Menus ...

    Hornado=roast pork
    Seco de Chivo=probably goat stew?
    Seco de pollo=chicken stew
    Carne Guisada=beef stew
    Papas con Cuero=gonna guess this is potatoes w/pork skin
    Lengua Guisada=stewed tongue
    Ceviche de camaron=shrimp ceviche
    Carne asada=grilled meat, probably steak
    The others I am drawing a blank on but I bet if you google them+Ecuador you can find info.
    Good luck and happy eating!
    Some of this stuff is probably pretty heavy for a hot summer day!

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    1. re: squinchy

      Thanks for the help. I may be called in even as early as this week. I will be doctoring in an air conditioned office the whole day.
      I will drink lots of water and suggest all hounds do the same in this hot weather.

    2. this is something good to report on....
      I always wanted to know this stuff, so ill try to fill in the blanks.

      first off, it's usually a good thing to have: What he is having...

      but to add on to squinchy's...
      from Pique y pase el pepin

      hornado - roast pork
      Fritada - fried pork
      Guatita - beef tripe stew
      Papas con cuero - Potatoes with pork skin
      lengua guisada - stewed beef tongue
      encebollado de pescado - tuna soup
      caldo de bagre - Catfish Soup
      mixtos - probably mixed seafood ceviche
      banderas--- NOT exactly sure. it translates to Flags. maybe that means a combination of tamales, humitas and morcillas? which is tamale, sweet tamale and blood sausage - which Could represent a flag of some sort.

      If someone can correct me, that would be great.

      1. and the other one
        from La Costinita
        Corvina Frita - Fried Fish Fillet
        arroz menesttra - possibly rice with stewed beans
        empenadas de verde (green) - of plaintains
        de queso - cheese
        pan de casa - house bread? whatever bread they have possibly.