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I saw it at Cardullo's for a ludicrously marked up price... Anybody else know where I can score some?

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  1. You really want that stuff, it's aweful! You may find it at a TJ's.

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      MY roommate in college from from Australia, we used to offer this stuff to people on our floor just to get a kick out of the reactions. I dont remember ever personally meeting someone that actually liked it.

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        My British roommate used to have some every morning on his toast, but the appeal of Marmite eluded me until I tried it on a grilled bacon sandwich. The salty yeastiness of the Marmite goes well with the smoky umami of the bacon. But that's all it's good for, I'm sure. ;)

    2. They sell it at Whole Foods. : )

      1. foodies in the south end and many shaws. you may find marmite instead of vegemite.

        1. Stop and Shop sells either Marmite or Vegemite. I can't recall which.

          1. The Star Market at Packard's Corner has a decent English foods section, although I don't recall if it's Vegemite or Marmite that they have. It may be Marmite. I assume it's a Coke Vs. Pepsi thing, people prefer one or the other?

            1. Thanks for all the responses but most of those are places with Marmite. I've checked foodie's, shaws and stop and shop and all Marmite. Marmite will do in a pinch, but it's not ideal.

              I guess I'll keep looking.

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                If you have a car, I'm 99% sure I've bought it at Union Jack on Rte 1 South in Peabody in the past.

                Union Jack
                134 Newbury St # 2, Peabody, MA

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                  The 220g jars are sold by British Delights in Westford (about 45 mins out of Boston mostly down Rt. 2). I don't know how to include a location in the nice way Chris VR did so:

                  British Delights
                  63 Power Road Unit 2
                  MA 01886