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Aug 4, 2009 04:09 AM

Greek/Mediterranean in Lowell

My mom is coming up to Lowell for an event this weekend. I've never been to any restaurants there, so I'm looking for a nice Greek or Mediterranean place for dinner on Friday evening. Downtown would be great, but slightly farther afield is fine too. Any tips? Thanks!

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  1. Athenian Corner is right downtown and been there for years. It's my enticement to accompany the wife to the Lowell Quit Museum. It's very traditional, homey and inexpensive. i like it a lot. I've enjoyed the gyros and the soups, which are free with your entree) and my wife thought their Moussaka was the best she's had.

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      Thanks for the tip! My mom and her friend are actually coming up for a quilt show at the Tsongas Arena.

    2. there is also friends on market st. for portuguese and it's quite good, as well as ricardo's cafe on gorham st. also good.

      take a very wide pass on fortunato's yes, it's right downtown, but it is awful..