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Aug 4, 2009 04:06 AM

Besito in Roslyn was a waste of $$$$$

My wife and I ate at Besito over the weekend. We were happy to get seated without a reservation on a Friday night after only waiting a few minutes (good v. bad sign?).

The server was very a very polite young Hispanic man with lots of energy and seemed to knwo the menu very well. We had the fresh guacamole prepared tableside in the large mortar and pestil although I am sure there is a mexican name for this device.

The food was average at best. We ordered the ceviche, which was very low quality to start. Then I had the flank steak tacos and my wife had an enchilada.

Bottom lin: Dont eat there, save your coin for some tasty Mexican. If you are looking for Dos Caminos quality food like we were then keep looking. Nasty food with cruise ship or dorm cafeteria quality despite nice atmosphere.

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  1. drj
    "The food was average at best."......
    " Nasty food with cruise ship or dorm cafeteria quality......"

    I don't know about you but for me there are a lot of levels between 'average' and 'nasty'
    Average is a 5-6 on a 1-10 scale. Nasty....Well, that's a whole different breed of cat.

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    1. re: Tay

      Nasty is not a fair adjective for the quality of the food. You are correct!

      This shall serve as a REPRINT: The food is not nasty. It is average and the sort of food, and I am sure that some people on the board will understand that I mean by this, where everything starts tasting the same.

      So the food was a 5-6/10.

      Better grade meat, less is more also I would add less spices and add the cilantro and fresh produce closer to the end of the cooking process in an effort to freshen things up.

    2. " We had the fresh guacamole prepared tableside in the large mortar and pestil although I am sure there is a mexican name for this device."

      I believe the Spanish word for the mortar/pestle device is "molcajete".

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      1. I've been a number of times to both locations and I've never had anything bad - I just think it is expensive for what you get. They usually have a pretty good crowd - so they aren't hurting for business.

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        1. re: jmax

          Have you ever eaten in El Parador in on 34th street,
          what about Maya on 1rst in the mid 60's
          Rosa Mexicano, again on first avenue at 58th street,
          Zarela on 2nd avenue between 50 and 51?

          Well try those and then tell me what you think of the food at Besito. I mean no sacrasm at all in this post, sometimes these posts can be mileading. I only am interested in hearing your opinion, if you had a similar point of reference to the foodie gold standard joints.

          1. re: drjsteinberg

            I've only been to the Huntington Besito-once and never again. It was so dark you couldnt see the menu. What was their solution? A little flashlight. How arrogant can you get? Just turn up the freakin lights! And the whole attitude-aren't we great? we bring authentic Mexican to you etc etc Dios mio, I hate that place.

            1. re: chaz

              i was at besito huntington for the 2nd time on saturday night. everything the wife and i had was very good. we split some sort of melted mexican cheese with crab appetizer served with soft tortillas, and we both had fish, she had the salmon and i had the group. i actually thought the fish was on the cheap side considering both entrees were in the low $20 range if i remember correctly. we also had the pitcher of sangria. for $26 the size, strength and taste of the pitcher was great. by the way, it was really really bright in the restaurant, forget about the need for a flashlight, i felt the lights were too bright.

              1. re: jpf1980

                Re the bright lights...they must have felt the negative vibes and changed their policy.

              2. re: chaz

                I have eaten at Rosa Mexicano and El Parador (though over a decade ago!) and Besito in Huntington. I did have to laugh about Chaz's spot on comment. I went at 6pm but it was so dark I thought they had a singularity in the kitchen absorbing all the light from the universe.

                Dr., you're right in that Rosa Mexicano and El Parador are on a different plane than Besito. I think it's a difference in attitude and ambition. Besito seems to be striving to be a buzzed-about place; the "show" is not matched by the execution. So even dishes that sound like they should be great are nothing special. Not awful, but no revelation. The NYC institutions, on the other hand, have (I should say "had," since I haven't been in so long) a food first approach. They are run by owners/chefs who seem to really care about the food above all else.

          2. The upselling from the waiters is out of control and undesirable. They offer you chips and guacomole when you 1st get there, but dont tell you the cost. As my wife was making her entree order, they tried upselling her to something else, how tacky. I understand the suggestive selling for appetizers, drinks and desserts, but this place is out of control. Food is OK, nothing special at all. My local mexican place is much better then this and the chips and salsa is free !!

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            1. re: egoer

              I agree with you completely about how they are annoying with their upselling. I find it coupled with an attitude of not caring about customers. I also think their fish specials are outrageously overpriced. While the food is ok, it's not great. And, yes, why so dark in the place?

            2. Besito/ Roslyn
              Wary given the reviews here but was pleasantly suprised last week with a very nice lunch.
              Had the trio of tacos "tacos mixtos" ($13 or $14- can't remember) - a chicken, beef and shrimp taco served w/ a side of rice and refried beans - really delicous.
              My lunch mates each had the short rib quesidilla and thought they were tasty (they preferred my tacos though)
              And the sangria, VG.

              As for the "upselling" that other posters noted, yes, and annoying -- the guacamole to start "offer", ordered a glass of sangria and server asked if I would prefer a pitcher (hah, hah-YES, I would absolutely prefer a pitcher).

              Overall, had a good lunch (served really quickly BTW) but the obvious policy of trying to upsell orders is not cool.

              That said, I would go back -- and maybe I will have a whole pitcher of sangria for myself next time!